British Helmet Cover – Back to WWII?

In the last years many helmet innovations and improvements can be seen (again) throughout the world. Everything seems to get better, lighter, more streamlined and can easily be modified by the soldiers needs to rock the worst spots on earth.

CRYE`s Spartan / Airframe seems the be the most retro looking high-tech helmet version on earth these days and for many it looks more like a movie prop than a real fighting helmet.
Can you imagine a horde of U.S. ACEs charging the enemy in these buckets? 😎

If you`ll check recent pics carefully, you`ll see that cheek/ face protectors find their way on the battlefield already! 🙂 Crazy.

For my this is too much. I am more of a retro guy (because i am much older than the average Airsofter? 😉 ) and often favor the good oldskool way. I don`t need to chase all latest innovations about camouflage and pseudo helpful gadgets that are often so stupid and overdone. It`s too much business and money out there… (and if i`ll have to read another episode on the United States looking for an improved or new camo pattern, i really have to chuck up!)

Talking about the good ol`times, let`s check this picture showing a British Army Soldier these days. What can we seen here?
A fresh example of a perfectly working DIY helmet cover which seems to go well side by side with any WW2 helmet that has linen bag material on top.
Some things are proven on the battlefield…


~ by geardoshit on March 7, 2012.

One Response to “British Helmet Cover – Back to WWII?”

  1. damn straight!

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