Kelty MAP 3500 Backpack (Amron Int. Multicam Editon)

Perhaps you already experienced the lame aspect of being a Geardo, to order exciting gems from the other side of the planet and to pay for shipping (almost) as much as for the gear itself. If you haven`t reached this level of Geardo-ism, i can assure you that you`ll undergo this scenario sooner or later.

Being infected with the Kelty virus, i thought about getting a new dosis of nylon. And this time it had to be a larger one 😎 ! The Kelty MAP3500 was my object of desire and after some research on the web, i decided to go with the MC version by Amron International.
This sexy piece of backpack seemed to be a nice addition to my existing rucksacks, but the enormous shipping costs (if you`ll live outside the U.S.) were a real pain (remember my words from the beginning?) and so i looked for another possibility to get my hands on the MAP3500.
At the end i got lucky and an US girlfriend of my girlfriend (yeah, good girls they are!) was flying to Europe and brought this piece of gear along. So i paid no shipping costs and can enjoy this pack even more now! πŸ™‚

Let`s check some details and features this backpack has to offer!
First take a look on the upper side and see the opening for hydration tubes, antennas etc.:

Compared to the Kelty 1800 Peregrine Backpack, this one is much larger and a good thing to have. You don`t need to open the snap closure if using an hydration tube, the routing works even while closed.

The pack has three compartments (or five if you`ll add the mesh pouches on the sides).

Let`s take a look at the small one on the front:

It is covered by a flap and easily holds some M4 mags or similar sized items. Nothing fancy about it, but a fast way to get to things in need (car keys, wallet, mobile phone, etc.).

The next one is much larger and i call it Middle Compartment:

It`s pretty similar to the 1800 Peregrine in size and layout. The one thing that annoys me is, that the fluffy pouch (for goggles, small cameras etc.) is smaller compared the Peregrine! A shame. 😦

Another shot with eight M4 mags, to get a better idea of the compartment`s proportions:

Side pouches (with 1L Nalgene bottle) are pretty standard:

Main Compartment:

It`s pretty plain with no velcro, PALS or other fancy shit – back to basics?
There are two added pockets, one for an hydration bladder and the other for e.g. a laptop. The MAP supports your back with two fit to form Light-Beam stay rods that can be bent to your liking. (This solution works but i prefer a frame sheet insert…)

Shoulder Straps/Inner Side/Waist Straps:

Everything seems solid as a rock and very comfy, too. Individual adjustments are done in seconds and you don`t have to miss things like a sternum strap. The mesh material seems to help avoiding heat accumulations but i sweat like hell always and anytime… πŸ˜‰

The waist belt can be removed and is held in place by velcro and straps at the same time. For my liking, the overall length could be longer but it still works for me. I recommend trying the backpack first if you are in need of using the waist belt!

The pack with the waist belt removed:

It`s High Noon – duck`n cover! Kelty comparison shoot out!

The Peregrine 1800 has been my everyday pack since i bought it: 2 month of shopping, hiking, riding my scooter and bicycle, carrying my laptop + soundcard, etc. I really enjoy this pack and recommend it to anyone that is looking for a new and lightweight daypack.
The MAP is new to me but seems to do the same job. If you `ll have to carry a bit more stuff, the 3500 seems the way to go. The added waist strap, expanded compartments and overall larger size is more versatile, but you won`t notice a big difference in the backpack`s increased weight (…and it`s available in MC! πŸ˜‰ ).
I really dig both packs and you can’t go wrong in either case!
100% Recommended! πŸ™‚

P.S. I almost forgot to add some *Real World* references for your enjoyment:

Check the second GLO-TOOB on the Kelty (besides the first one on the helmet) – yeah!
I think i will do this with my own GLO-TOOB, too! πŸ™‚


~ by geardoshit on March 16, 2012.

15 Responses to “Kelty MAP 3500 Backpack (Amron Int. Multicam Editon)”

  1. Not 100% sure, but I think I remember the second reference pic being airsoft..

  2. Can I borrow your photos? (TAIWAN)

  3. Sorry … I have a question he can not know how much is loaded into talk about combat the general mountaineering ok??

  4. Is there not fighting but mountaineering configuration

  5. Great post! Considering buying one of these and I’m insure which to go with. I have the kelty redwing 3100 aka the 50, and recently my small EDC carry pack (EMS 2000) which isnt 2000 cu in. Took a dive after 12 years of hard abuse.
    I know it all depends on what I’ll be carrying but if you had to pick from the two for everyday carry which would you pick?

    • Hard to tell. The smaller one is my everyday pack but sometimes some space is missing – especially if I am carrying a rain jacket with me or similar. If I`d like to do some spontaneous shopping (some milk, bread, frozen pizza and other small stuff) space becomes often too limited and I have to take an extra bag or leave stuff behind. The MAP is larger and offers more room but I don`t like its upside down fluffy compartment where I love to put my mobile, USB sticks or simiar. If I would have to choose for one pack only: MAP 3500.

  6. I own both the Peregrine and the Map 3500 and I am constantly trying to decide which one is best for my EDC needs. I have finally arrived at the conclusion that anyone interested in one or the other should just pony up and buy them both. Each one is a fantastic pack. I normally use the Peregrine, however, some days I need more space or a few days worth of clothing and can easily convert to the Map. I loved them so much I even purchased a Kelty Falcon, which is another brilliant gem all in its own.

    • You are right – it`s cool to have a variety of backpacks to choose from. I own seven backpacks and 3 large travel-/outdoor packs, some “ordinary” smaller bags and several “special purpose” stuff (record bags, flight cases, music instrument bags, etc.).
      I never want to have less then this! πŸ™‚

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