Book: Team Reaper

So gents, it`s time to quit hanging around in the w-w-w and to get yesterday`s entertainment program going on again – reading a real book! 😉

Publication Date: Apr 01 2012
ISBN/EAN13: 1470022834 / 9781470022839
Page Count: 182
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 6″ x 9″
Language: English
Color: Black and White
Related Categories: Biography & Autobiography / Military

Read some of the most breath taking missions and engagements Sgt. Nicholas Irving, 3rd Ranger Battalions deadliest sniper had to face. Sgt. Nicholas Irving is credited with over 33 kills (less than 3 months) in Afghanistan as a Special Operations Direct Action Sniper. Simply riveting as he describes some of his kills through his eyes.

About the author:
Sgt. Nicholas Irving enlisted in the Army after graduating high school in 2004. His first duty station was at Ft. Benning Georgia where he would attend basic training and Army infantry school as well as airborne, and the Ranger indoctrination program. Upon graduating the Ranger indoctrination program, Nicholas Irving was assigned to the third Ranger Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment also located in Fort Benning Georgia.
Nicholas Irving would hold positions such as machine gunner, machine gun team leader, Grenadier, team leader, designated marksman, sniper, sniper team leader, and master sniper. Nicholas Irving will also attend multiple advanced schools that would further enhance his ability as a special operations sniper.

Nicholas Irving would also attend well-known sniper competitions such as the international sniper competition at Ft. Benning Georgia, where the top military and law enforcement snipers from around the world would compete in a week long sniper shooting event. Nicholas Irving and his spotter would place fourth overall. Nicholas Irving would also display his skills at the shooters bash in Kingsville Texas where over 60 competitors ranging from law enforcement, military, and gun enthusiast would display their skills in the art of precision shooting.

Most of his job duties and job description remains classified. His service to the community, law enforcement, and military continue through his work as the CEO of HardShoot(c).

Schools, Medals/Awards (significant), Training:

– US Army Sniper School
– US Army Ranger School
– US Army Parachutist Badge
– US Army Designated Marksman
– Sniper Precision
– High Angle (Private) Sniper
– Demolition
– Master Sniper
– International Sniper Competition
– Shooters Bash (Snipers Hide) Competition
– Dep. of State Dynamic driving Course
– Dep. of State M4 assault rifle Course
– Dep. of State Combatives
– Krav Maga
– Joint Commendation Medal
– Army Commendation Medal (Valorous)
– World Wide Personal Protection Qualified
– Army Commendation Medal
– Joint Service Commendation Medal
– Covert Surveillance
– Iraq Campaign Medal
– Afghanistan Campaign Medal


For those of you that still deny the oldskool way and like to read things only on voltage powered machines, feel free to enjoy this format!

I`ve ordered my copy today… 🙂


~ by geardoshit on April 17, 2012.

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  1. I better get one to. Thanks for heads-up 🙂

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