Sold But Not Forgotten #2 – Trijicon Reflex Sight

To keep my Sold But Not Forgotten category going 🙂 , I like to post some pics of my old Trijicon Reflex Sight, that I wanted to use in my early OEF impressions (and for Pararescue ones) back in the days. I enjoyed the overall feeling and construction of the sight, but I haven`t used in the end. Why? Aimpoint-red dot styled scopes are not working for me when it comes to Airsoft. I need something with magnification (e.g. ACOGs with 4x) that can be used for spotting the enemy. The rest is watching the BBs flying in laser-like paths (the more shots fired the better) or 100% pure CQB (shootouts within 3-6 meters), so no need for aiming devices…
On the other hand, I only use gear in impressions that are 100% my in-game outfits, so I don`t mount any optics only for the looks of it. In many times, it`s hard to achieve a correct impression AND to use personal favored gear, but there are so many possibilities and tons of reference pictures that everything turns out to be cool (in 95% percent) of all cases…

(click to enlarge)


~ by geardoshit on April 27, 2012.

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