First Game This Year…

Last weekend I managed to start my BB season 2012. It was a beautiful (summer) day, tons of sun and very warm (28°C). My loadout of that day was a very wildstyle and simple one, an *I don`t care – no impression fashion* mix. I was more interested if all my blasters (+repairs and mods) were working properly, so I decided to focus more on the technical side of Airsoft that day 😎 .

(click to enlarge)

All in all it was an amazing day. It was big fun and a good thing to leave the stinky city again.

Due to the risk of avalanches caused by the ongoing snowmelt, we played on different parts of the regular area. These games turned out to be interesting ones, because everybody was new to that playing ground and almost no charge-/rapid movements were seen. Everybody was watching, studying, thinking and analyzing the area, looking for advantages and/or better shooting positions. Our splendid view:

(click for a XXL panorama shots)

To get a better understanding of the area, let`s turn left and take a look:

And a bit below some shooting takes place (do you see some players?):

If we`d turn 180 degrees now, it`ll be look like this:

In the background you`ll see a small river that we are going to cross now! On the other side we faced a completely different area. I call it the WW1 Trenches area.

Let us step down to get a better idea:

Another ingame picture with my M1 PENCIL BLOG man, kicking the ugly, bad guys outta da fokkin wet trenchez  – fierce CQB at it`s finest (I love my mesh-mask)!


I had a great day! Everything worked out fine and I still feel some muscles aching (that`s the price for being a lazy (fuck sports) desk worker… hahahaha! 🙂 )


~ by geardoshit on May 1, 2012.

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