DIY – Labels, Sheets, Stickers #1

How much time do we actually spend on BB battle fields or participate in living history, crazy cos-play or terrific milsim events when it comes down to our hobby? 20 Percent? 10 percent? Or even less?

Most of our hobby we do at home, thinking about new pouches, MOLLE-gear layouts, soldiering batteries, dusting blasters, digging Ebay or do in-depth research.

Everybody is looking for amazing Do-It-Yourself projects that turn boring evenings into satisfying happenings. But these days are rare! It`s not a complete paintjob on a (new) gun that make us cum (we crazy Krylon wankers!) only, often little projects become big fun to do and elevate impressions to another level.

So how about some stickers`n`sheets (in EXCEL format) to start a new DIY project and/or pimp your existing gear?

Perhaps you thought about doing a signal flare from scratch? Do you need some stickers?
Here you go: M126A1 Sticker

Or how about some new or better stickers for your old MBITR shell?
Try this folks: PRC148 Sticker and PRC148 Battery Sticker!

Or some new ones for your MK141 ???

How about pimping your Chinese Bucket? MICH Helmet Sticker

Feel free to alter my Excel sheets to your liking and try various printer settings to get proper results! Happy pimping! πŸ™‚

There will be more sticky stuff, soon! Stay tuned! 😎


~ by geardoshit on May 10, 2012.

5 Responses to “DIY – Labels, Sheets, Stickers #1”

  1. I love your blog, but am not stoked on the MSA helmet sticker. Not cool and completely unnecessary. The others are alright though.

  2. good job!

  3. great stuffs! Thanks!

  4. do u have instruction mechanism labels for LAW72 or AT4?? im looking forward to made my DIY AT4 and LAW72

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