Happiness Is A Fistful Of Sand

Today I got some new gear. Perhaps I`d should better write that I got some old, cheap and very used, ordinary USMC pouches. After some survey, I`ll rate them fu**ed up, stinky, well used, but damn sexy!

But what`s the clue? What`s the reason that I relish them over some limited, hard to get ones (e.g. CRYE, ABA, AOR-1,…)?
Because they are used and have seen Real-World-Action somewhere!
It`s not some new, lifeless nylon stuff, it is the smell of sweat, blood, sand and danger that has entered my untroubled home.
(If I am reading the lines above, I`d like to call my psychiatrist… 😉 )
Perhaps they have been used by some lazy MIL-noobs only (totally uncool…hahaha…), but i don`t care and keep my imagination running wild!

What`s in the Drop Pouch? Still some freaking damn sand from A`Stan? 100% for sure 😉 …

Have fun! 😎

~ by geardoshit on May 26, 2012.

4 Responses to “Happiness Is A Fistful Of Sand”

  1. I know the appeal. I once got a beat up surplus MOLLE battle belt with pouches for $10 at a gear shop. When I got home I found a name and blood type written in sharpie several places.

  2. Did you only buy one piece? Or is there a further one left for me? Because I prefer used-ones and mostly find “new” or “copies”. If so, please leave me a note.

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