The Postman Always Rings Thrice!

There are often times, when many, many orders are on their way and nothing will arrive. In many cases, I became troubled that important gear has been lost or become a forgotten piece in some custom`s shelf…

With my interest in USMC gear, many things are ordered and once again it takes a crazy amount of time!
But today the postman rang and brought some pretty basics…

For those of you that might think why GYSGT and that stupid name?
Hey, I am an old man and I play like a retirement pensioner (with STILL no intensions to win), but waiting for the next lunch break to come! 😉
On the other hand, the rank of GYSGT seems the best middle ground between a possible grunt impression and my age.

I really like 1800nametape stuff and can recommend their products to anyone!
Happy shopping!

To be continued, soon! The postman will come back tomorrow! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on May 28, 2012.

One Response to “The Postman Always Rings Thrice!”

  1. I hope your not planning on wearing that rank, as based on your post I have doubts you earned it. I do impressions as well but don’t wear stuff I haven’t earned. Show some tact and respect for the men and women that earned that through blood, sweat, and tears.

    It’s things like this that give airsofters and impressionists a bad name.

    USAF SrA

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