Triple Pistol Weekend

Yesterday I had the opportunity to join another Airsoft Game. Due to heavy vegetation and some hangover 😎 , i chose to walk the lazy route: Pistols Only for me this day…

Funny side note: In my team, two players did the same and we faced heavy firepower that day (upgraded MGs with auto winding mags, Systema PTWs, Sniper Rifles with drumbox mags – BTW totally gay!!!, etc.).
First we thought that we would loose every game due to the pro looking opponents and their BB spreading advantage. And at the end? We won every game and the “professionals” never saw the light of day! In games like Capture The Flag, you`ll have to take a sprint when the time comes, but we we faced lazy campers, so it was often almost boring because they were so afraid to get shot…
It is better to loose another game instead of trying some (winning) move?
Oh, I forgot, your hit ratio might get fu#*ed up! πŸ˜‰


~ by geardoshit on June 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Triple Pistol Weekend”

  1. Man, I don’t do air soft, or whatever it’s called. But some (most) of you guys look like straight up gypsy’s! Wholly sh… I guess you just put as much crap in/on your kit as possible and play at being SOF..sad

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