Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs…

Years ago, I was completely blown away as I discovered the Japanese airsoft-scene.
It was too deep for me: so many super equipped Geardos that were pushing this (my) hobby to another level. I had to do better (and to spend much more time and money)! ğŸ˜Ž

This post will feature a collection of interesting “eastern” rigs that are really enjoyable!

These pictures might help you getting new ideas regarding loadouts. I think it is always interesting how other people set up their rigs. Enjoy! 🙂

For you AOR-1 lovers:

Beyond Tactical L9 jacket (2009/2010 edition)!

This CCT one made my day – fantastic:

In 2009, I followed this example of an oldskoolish Paraclete PJ RAV:

This crazy camo combination is another hot one for me (incl civvy hunter ones):

This was crazy shit, isn`t it? 100% Geardos`shit ğŸ˜Ž


~ by geardoshit on July 4, 2012.

10 Responses to “Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs, Rigs…”

  1. Wow that’s crazy! Just wanted to ask you on a side note, Im in Japan visiting family and wanted to check out some good gear stores(real/repro) in the tokyo/yokohama area. Much help is appreciated thanks!

  2. Also forgot to mention, is there anywhere to buy that aor1 jpc, same goes for other aor1/aor2 gear in japan? Thanks

  3. Yeah great photos, thanks!!!

  4. Nice photos, there are a lot of very good setups. My Fav is the CCT with realtree cap. So jealous of this guy for the PRC117 display-pouch and stuff like the Comtac with LED on the mic. Those details kick ass! Hope I will get there some day.
    But on the other side, there are a lot of overdone Rigs and vests, with wild messed up wiring and chaotic arragend stuff.
    “lets put on everything I got, uhh there are two unused molle webbings, lets put some extra shotgun-shell there, some lightsticks here and addaitonal Hooks everywere. Ups can’t get my buttstock to the shoulder and where the heck are my mags?” 🙂
    I’ ve made my misstakes too, but and as I grow older and hopefully wiser, I prever quality over quantity.

    Don’t try to build a Gunner-sniper-EOD-Medic-grenadier-Doorkicker-Lightweigth-ghillie outfit. Get an idea and focus on one thing.

  5. You think the AOR1 JPC is the real deal or replica / fake?

  6. Some nice stuff in that pictures! But 85% look like christmas trees with confusing configurations!

    I prefer the slim and therefore swift setups! High speed, low drag 🙂

  7. JPC in AOR1 looks fake. Shoulder Straps should be brown not AOR1. Also the should be rubber made.

  8. Can somebody askde cct guy a list with al the electronics that he is carrying.
    I am a memeber of a milsim team and i try to reenact a forward air controller, so far so good but i like to know al the gismos he is using/wearing.

    Cheers Roland

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