Back from Italy.

Finally I (we) made it back from Italy!

…and I am already depressed about 24/7 daily grind (shit). 😦 So lame.


We had a great time: perfect weather, lots of amazing drinks, delicious seafood and some good parties. Our apartment was near by a supermarket, where I discovered something funny for our NSW friends and H&K geeks:

Hahahaha πŸ™‚ A toy MP7 with foldable front grip and lazer-shooting sounds! πŸ™‚

Nice handling, fresh Sci-Fi sounds! Yeah! πŸ™‚ So we had a short but vicious CQB fight going and defended the vegetables from incoming tourists! πŸ˜‰ (I think nobody honored our formidable Last Stand between the dairy products and pasta sauces…)

Next to the supermarket is an interesting shop:

It`s a pretty small but amazing shop. Their focus is hunting gear, mainly Beretta and other similar brands. They have a fresh selction of high-class bags and cases, guns (from BB guns to real firearms), and all kinds of bits`n`pieces (scopes, scope mounts, gloves, Surefires, 5.11 clothing, tshirts, camo items, etc.). If you`ll ever be there, it`s always worth a look!

Via Olanda, 108
30016 Lido di Iesolo VE,


And now it`s time for lunch! C-YA! πŸ™‚


~ by geardoshit on August 3, 2012.

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  1. Hope you have enjoyed you trip!

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