German Style…

Two pictures are worth twenty thousand words…

(click to enlarge)

~ by geardoshit on August 9, 2012.

3 Responses to “German Style…”

  1. Espacially on pic1 this PSYOPS captain (not 100% sure) has the look. And this says: “Don’t even try!”

    • How do you get Psyops? Red beret plus the badge you can see on it in the first picture…that’s Artillery. And there’s no visible rank insignia whatsoever, so I wouldn’t be too sure about the captain.

  2. no, loki is right. The red Beret means Auxilliary, or Combat Support. The Badge stands for Operational Info, Nato therm Psyops, that`s wat the Arrow crossing lines stands for. However I cant see there the crossing Gun Barrel for Artillery.

    Glück Ab

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