Weekend Snapshot: Old To The New

Only a quick snapshot from my last trip on the Fields Of BB Glory: A crazy pimped Tokyo Marui Thompson (from my buddy) next to my stock TM New Gen Sopmod M4.

~ by geardoshit on August 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “Weekend Snapshot: Old To The New”

  1. Nice one! Love the pics of your comrade, any pics of you, too? Did you played at that location?



    • Yes, we played there and it was a real “crawl`n`sneek upon your neck” game! CQB at it`s best! 🙂

      There are no pics from me, because my outfit was kinda superwildstyle “try & decide” and a good opportunity to check out new weapons`n`gear.
      Hopefully there will be a complete impression shooting (or two) within the next weeks.

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