Docter Reflex Sight Clone (Another Ebay Acquisition)

There is another (innovative but also deadly) Bermuda Triangle out there: Germany-Austria-Swiss! Think about companies like Heckler & Koch, Glock, SIG Sauer, Mauser, Walther Arms, Schmidt & Bender, Steyr Mannlicher, etc., only to name one of the biggest. These three countries are responsible for great inventions, state-of-the-art engineering, industrial design and last but not least a bunch of great feelings (do you remember the first time when you first had a Glock in your hands? 🙂 )!

Perhaps we should also think about Carl Zeiss and Analytik Jena (Docter Sight) that can be found everywhere…


Weeks ago, I thought about buying a Tokyo Marui MP7 to get another slamming backup gun. While searching the net for any cool add-ons and tuning parts, I came across the fact that I don`t have a proper (small) Red Dot Sight. Perhaps you`ll already now that I am totally into magnifying sights`n`scopes and don`t see a personal need for Red Dot Sights, but with a MP7 that`s the only way to go. An Aimpoint T1 was a fresh thing to think of but I decided to stick to the tiniest (and cheapest) solution: an Docter Sight Clone! 😎

Ret Dot Brand: noname / no visible markings

The clone came in a sturdy box with leaflet, spare CR2032 battery (another one already installed in the sight) and some cheap tools.

They are ok to work with the sight, but I prefer to stick to my own and I recommend you do the same… (typical chinese Golden Style – hahaha!)

The sight looks dope (for the price of US $38,99, incl. free shipping worldwide!) and all markings are nice, too!

Some details are not top notch and the edges could be more precise, but who cares? 😉

The protective case sits nice and tight and should do it`s job well!

Typical far eastern spelling? 😉

Installed on my VFC 416:

It sits solid on the rails and alignment is perfect. There is a very short screw with the mount which I consider an almost fail. It works but I doubt if it holds up abuse, because I don`t see how deep it goes into the mount`s thread.

And now let`s take a look through the optic!

These two pictures are NO reference nor do they show the real good and bright point!
Today it is cloudy, sometimes it rains and lighting conditions are VERY horrible!

The Red Dot is bright, has sharp edges and can be adjusted via two screws (see leaflet in second picture). There is no ghosting or any other reflexes (I know that the pic below shows some reflexes, but it is due to bad lighting and a bad focus). If you are moving your gun/head/view that the dot is wandering towards the scope`s edges, the dot becomes (a bit) blurry.

And now the annoying part: when it comes to adjusting the dot, the pain starts! Turning the elevation knob sometimes does almost nothing or much too much. While doing this, horizontal positions are moving a little bit, too! They are “connected” somehow and I consider them not to be stable!
The locking crews seem not to work very good either and are very lose.
Perhaps I got a(nother) lemon?

I think the Docter Sight clone looks cool and is OK for the money. If you are looking for a real good and functional sight, you should try something else (…buy Real Steel!).

Have fun!

~ by geardoshit on September 1, 2012.

2 Responses to “Docter Reflex Sight Clone (Another Ebay Acquisition)”

  1. I’m gone to inform my little brother, that he should also visit this webpage on regular basis to obtain updated from most recent news update.

  2. That American Defense mount is funny. AFAIK, they only offer QRB mounts…

    China is a shady, shady place!!!

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