Patagonia Goes Multicam (Level 9)

We`ve seen Paraclete SOF BDUs, then Crye Combat Shirts (GEN I,II,III), Blackhawk HPFUs in-between, Wild Things Gear, Arcteryx LEAF products and incredible Beyond Tactical Clothing for some years now… (there are much more dope manufacturers out there – this list could go on for centuries but i am much too lazy! 🙂 )

What`s next? What will we be mad about? Patagonia comes up with something fresh! Enjoy! 🙂 (Click to enlarge)


P.S. These are NOT my shirt & pants but I think I`ll have to get one of these! 😎


~ by geardoshit on September 3, 2012.

One Response to “Patagonia Goes Multicam (Level 9)”

  1. whats typically aggravating is patagonia who i have bought from for 17 years refuses to sell these to the public , but yet they wind up on ebay and other places on a daily basis . silly an senseless .

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