Another Airsoft Impression/ Loadout: “Operation Stone Rock” – U.S. SOF with ANA Commandos (A`Stan, 2010), Part 1 of 2

Two weeks ago, there was another airsoft game and i managed to join (with two friends) the fields of BB glory, again! 🙂 We did not expect many players to be there, but it turned out to be a quiet large game and we had great fun and reunited forces with some old buddies from back in the (airsoft beginner) days!
During lunch break we took a bunch of photographs, hope you`ll enjoy! (click to enlarge)

These pictures present my actual in-game loadout, which was inspired by pictures showing U.S. SOF Operators working hand in hand with ANA Commandos 2010/2011:

(click to enlarge)

Regarding my weapons, there might be missing some Block II parts and perhaps some dust`n`Krylon (style-wise), but I don`t give a shit. There are so many references out there, that my setup is still in use and not every SF soldier is using the latest and “the greatest” only…
I also exchanged my TM Beretta M9 to a TM Px4 that I wanted to try out, because it never saw real airsoft-field-action so far. It performed very well and was great fun to shoot (impression-wise a fail, but regarding fun and interest in the gun from other players, it was 100% the right thing to do!).
On the other hand, it was nice to use my Specter scope again, which I haven`t used for quiet some time now. In the last games I used two different ACOG replicas from EB (with 4x magnification). If I could only use one scope in the future, I`d stick to the Specter, because of it`s much better eye relief, which is a pleasure to use (especially if wearing a face mask)…

And now at the end of Part 1 some Photoshop fun! 🙂 (watch out for Part 2!)…


~ by geardoshit on September 16, 2012.

9 Responses to “Another Airsoft Impression/ Loadout: “Operation Stone Rock” – U.S. SOF with ANA Commandos (A`Stan, 2010), Part 1 of 2”

  1. Nice gear sir ! Especially you helmet and your blaster 😉 have you ever think about changing your chinstrap ?

    Greetings from France.

  2. Hey really do enjoy your blog and nice SF load out, woodland is never really out of date . anyways want to share mine also.. enjoy and hope to see more!

  3. That Radio. is that working version of the PRC 152?
    If sow, whrer did u get it?

  4. uber cool

  5. Hi! Nice gear.
    Where can i get these Afghan/Commandio patches?

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