WTF! Geardoshit Pics On Facebook! Marsoc? Hahaha…

WTF? Check my US SOF Operator picture on SpecialOpsM4`s Facebook page: LINK
Interesting discussion – Marsoc? Legit? Hahaha…

BTW, nice “SpecialOpsM4” Banner! 😉 (click to enlarge)

Big up 2 SirTobi for the interesting, funny find! 🙂



~ by geardoshit on October 12, 2012.

One Response to “WTF! Geardoshit Pics On Facebook! Marsoc? Hahaha…”

  1. This guy is funny. He’s got nice gear (nothing exceptionnal, just nice), crappy selfpics, a pointless facebook page yet he has a bunch of kids (seriously’ 13-17, these are kids) worshipping him. And a sponsor.

    Clearly, these kids haven’t seen some of the more notorious guys such as Lord_SEX, Guismo, Seraph (IIRC that was Seraph with the sweet CAG setuo, right?).

    But… they played MOH so they’re experts. lol.

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