New Stuff For The Weekend: Boredom? No Way!

Perhaps you`ll know times when nothing happens: no parties, no concerts, no cool new movies, no (new) girl(s), no new gear, no delicious food in the fridge, no, no, no…

So what to do to get rid of all these wasted time in the future?
You`ll have to plan and prepare (and do some shopping in 50% of all cases)!

I did my homework and picked up some packages from the post office.
After I returned home, the super cool postman dude rang twice, too! 🙂

G&P Ready Mag and a Magpull FG for a new project.

Southland (Series 1+2): So pretty cheap that I`ll give it a try.

XCOM (PS3): Grafics looks kinda old and a bit cheesy sometimes, but turn based strategy games are almost dead, so it`s nice to see something like this popped up!
Reminds me a bit of good old Warhammer 40000k (Games Workshop) VS War Of The Worlds (movie) VS Valkyrie (one of my favorite PS3 titles ever!) VS Alien II (movie)… 😎

So besides all my things I`ll have to do/planned to to, boredom has no chance!

Have a nice weekend boys! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on October 27, 2012.

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