Revision Bullet Ant Goggles

In one of my last posts I was talking about doing an after-action review about my newly bought Revision Bullet Ant Goggles, so here we go! 🙂

I had many googles in the past and tried to solve fogging issues, to find ones with the perfect fit (for my large head = 61cm circumference) and also cool, stylish ones for everyday city life (e.g ride a motor bike, bicycling, tennis, etc.).

First I bought a pile of airsoft goggles followed up by a several (cheap) shooting glasses. Most of them were OK but after some time I wanted to get something better.

(here is a picture I took after a new shipment of glasses arrived…)

Over the years my Oakley M Frames turned out to be my number #1.
When it comes to wearing a helmet and wanting something more protective, ESS Profile TurboFan Goggles are my first choice (see below – perfect for having a nice drink in the field while securing the area and looking dope).


One day I came across a interesting looking Revision Bullet Ant Goggles auction on Ebay.
At the end I won and they arrived safely after a few days.

Basic data:

Low-profile, dual lens design provides goggle protection in a compact, versatile form; highly compatible with in-service equipment.
High-impact system exceeds ANSI Z87.1-2010, EN 166 and U.S. military ballistic impact requirements for goggles (MIL-DTL-43511D, clause 3.5.10).
Precision manufactured interchangeable lenses ensure distortion-free vision, full side-impact protection and anti-fog performance.
Robust design and materials protect and perform through all the rigors of combat. Anti-scratch lenses resist a wide range of chemicals, including DEET.
Compact, low-profile design provides unrestricted field-of-view and ensures compatibility with helmet, binoculars and night vision systems.
Pliable frame seals comfortable to face. Adjustable head strap with quick release buckle can be worn over or under helmet.
100% UV protective lenses can be interchanged quickly for various light conditions.
Full frame ventilation and OcuMax coated lenses prevent fogging.

Bullet Ant goggles have been tailor-made for optimal compatibility with the British Army’s Mark VI helmet and personal weapons systems and are currently being used by units of the British Army deployed in Afghanistan.

The case is ok but is no hardshell (with typical loops at the back for wearing it with a belt).

The inner parts: the lenses compartment in the front is removable.

The set came with three different lenses which are a dream to change: fast`n`easy to do!

Revision ships a nicely detailed information sheet within the package! (click to enlarge)

The goggles have ventilation holes at top and bottom:

These holes are covered with a thin layer of foam to prevent dirt and dust entering.

And now to the interesting part: how do they perform?

I played the whole day wearing them (little air humidity, 14-18 degrees) and they performed great. The lenses are brand-new, so the antifog coating works (so far), but I think my clear view of vision has another important reason: it`s about the style you`ll wear these goggles! They are connected to your face and stay adjacent all the time, so you cannot breath/puff air into the goggles! As far as my experiences are, this is one of most reasons why lenses fog up. Another thing is that you should wear your goggles all the time (besides safety reasons), so that they warm up and there is less difference in temperature. So I wore them from beginning to end, never took them off (almost) and I had no issues with fogging!
Another thing that I wasn`t able to prevent was condensed water. After some time playing and sweating (like hell), water (and sweat) was here`n`there and the lenses looked like this:

I decided to get rid of all the foam to see if anything would change.

After two more hours checking and watching, I think the overall airflow improved but not as much as I hoped for. Conclusion: ripping out the foam stripes enhances ventilation but is no must!


Writing this review after two weeks, I think that the performance of the Bullet Ants was solid and they are worth their price. Changing lenses is pretty easy and they stayed put all the time! Fogging was no issue so far (and if, I`ll use McNett OPs Drops or Catcrap) and they are comfortable to wear (for me!). Straps adjustment was a simple thing to do and the closures/buckles work nicely.

The only downside seems that you won`t look like as smart and cool as you could wearing these! Revision`s name is no accident: you`ll look like an insect – a mixture between a fly, an ant and a crazy internet geek… 😉

That`s all for today! And don`t forget: always play save! 😎


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