Something For A Friend #7: Vlieger & Vandam Products

Christmas is about to happen in 5 weeks (if the world is still here… 21. December!!!) and so it`s time to think about presents for your loved ones (and for yourself, too)!

Do you need a nice bag for your girlfriend? How about a nice purse, an i-Pad case or a fresh looking wallet? Perhaps you are interested in some stylish gifts, some unique ones that transfer your interest in guns`n`gear to “ordinary” everyday products?

If so, check out the highly innovative fashion accessory brand Vlieger & Vandam!

V&V bag 2

Vlieger & Vandam was established in 2004, run by the Dutch design couple Carolien Vlieger and Hein van Dam. Known for their use of unusual techniques combined with fine craftsmanship and luxury materials, Vlieger & Vandam have developed a unique process for embossing their now famous three-dimensional shapes into leather.

Knife Bag V&V

Check out their site and webshop!

~ by geardoshit on November 14, 2012.

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