EBAirsoft`s Specter Killflash Replica Crap, A Contour HD And A Bunch Of Wasted Time And Money!

When it comes to airsoft, I am playing a lot of CQB type games and many shootouts happen under 10m, so I lost 2 scopes due to BB direct hits in the last years. Preventing this (I`ve learned my lession!), I am using all kinds of protecting stuff (e.g. a shield – last pic in post) or killflashes for my ACOGs.

EBAirsoft is offering a killflash for their Specter DR replicas now. I was curious if this will fit my Specter Clone, so I ordered one…


It seems pretty solid and will be a good replacement for my (uncool) shield solution! πŸ™‚


I tried to screw it onto the Specter – but it will NOT fit! 😦


Fuck! The (killflash`s) thread seems VERY poorly made and it looks that both diameters won`t fit either! Now what? Opening the trash can and getting rid of this cheap piece of plastic crap? No, I have an idea! πŸ™‚


Talking about my Contour HD camera, I haven`t found a good solution to prevent the lense from taking BB hits yet. I put the killflash on and it fits like a glove – no wobbling, no movement! I tried to shake it off but it stayed in place! This can`t be true! Is this really working?



Theoretically this was a dream to come true, but as I turned on the camera, the recordings looked like this: 😦

Direct shot from the balcony:
fuck 1

Filming my outside wall:
fuck 2

The recordings do not work, because the killflash`s honeycomb structure seems too deep!

Stay tuned folks, I will try to alter this tomorrow… (to be continued) 😎


~ by geardoshit on November 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “EBAirsoft`s Specter Killflash Replica Crap, A Contour HD And A Bunch Of Wasted Time And Money!”

  1. Which Specter-Clone are you using exactly?
    I’ve an AABB 1-4x Specter DR (from ehobbyasia) and it didn’t work either with that killflash.
    My gues: this killflash only fits the Specter-Clone which are sold by ebairsoft…

    But the tab/diameter of the killflash is bigger than the diameter from the Specter-Clone. So I’ll try to get this fit and propper.

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