Strikemark Contour HD Camera Mount

It`s almost (white and freezin cold) winter and my airsoft season came to an end. At the moment I am cleaning up my gear collection: getting rid of some old parts, repairing broken gear, buying new gimmicks`n`add-ons, replacing bad buys and sorting my stuff in general.
Weeks ago, I wanted to put together a new weapon setup and found it “interesting” that another part disappeared while cleaning up: my selfmade Contour HD Mount! WTF! Am I suffering from dementia? Am I getting to old to remember were I put my stuff? Do I have too much gear? Is this a sign of god to buy a new camera mount? 😎 Yes!


I decided to try STRIKEMARK`s Picatinny Rail Contour HD Mount.

Compatible with all Contour cameras, the Strikemark mount is made from anodized aluminum with a deluxe nylon-tipped set screw (keeps your picatinny rail looking nice) and matte black finish. No additional tools are necessary, a solid hex key is included.

– Weighs 1oz.
– Hard-Coat Anodized Matte Black Finish.
– Laser etched Strikemark logo.
– CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum.
– Nylon-tipped set screw.
– No Tools required: Includes hex key.
– Works on all picatinny/weaver rails.
– Lifetime warranty on the mount.





Ladies and Gentlemen, this one sits like a bomb! There is no wobble – mega solid!



Let`s enjoy this very streamlined layout with the Contour HD installed – fantastic! 🙂
The camera itself sits on the mount VERY tight. You`ll NEVER loose this one: another win!


My first impressions are very good and I don`t regret that I bought this mount. With no (fragile) plastic parts at all, this one will outlast my hobby, so I am looking forward using this next year. If you are looking for a fresh mount, this might be for you! Have fun! 🙂



~ by geardoshit on November 28, 2012.

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