Recommended Websites, Blogs And Channels #2

Today I`d like to write about real firearms and a good YouTube shooting channel.

Perhaps you`ve seen some of his videos already, because HICKOK45 has many, many interesting vids online (he also twitters and has Facebook page).

I remember the time when I first saw some of his videos and thought “My god, this man is slow and has too much time! Talk faster Mr. H. and start firing NOW!”

What a fool I have been! This man is great and if you have seen him shooting his immense arsenal (incl. loading, general handling and sometimes in depth explanations), you`ll get an idea what some guns are made of/ are damn cool to use. There are many side-by-side comparisons, old classics and real exotic guns that were explained and fired in detail.
I do return quite often and sometimes rare “gems” show up: here an “UTS-15 pump-action shotgun” 🙂 (as seen in Black Ops 2?)

Check out his videos, you won`t regret it (but you`ll need time and patience)! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on December 6, 2012.

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