Snugpak Response Pak

Perhaps you have read my post where I have been to Italy last year.

While hanging out at the beach and at nice restaurants, we had to celebrate a friend`s birthday, too! So this time it was not cake`n`candles but beers`n`seafood!

Our birthday boy is a pretty regular guy with regular hobbies (movies, books, videogames, etc.) and not addicted to mil-gear, guns or crazy airsoft (yet?). But he is always interested if someone has a nice backpack, a fresh Goretex jacket or other fancy stuff.

A while ago, he told me that he is interested in some kind of smaller waist bag, where he can store all his tools`n`stuff that he needs for work. On the other hand, it could be nice to use such a bag in everyday life, too.

Now was the right time to give him such a waist bag as birthday present: a SNUGPAK`s RESPONSE PAK!




For those who are wondering about Snugpak`s ranger green looking color: it`s an OD bag! Lighting conditions were a bit spooky that day: everything (90%) is tone on tone!

The main compartment has no deviders except one mash pocket:


The front pocket is solid and offers typical storage spaces for small items, papers. etc.:



I use this Nikon Coolpix camera for size reference/comparison:
(camouflage is the only color for a Geardo??? Hahaha…)


On each side is a pocket that can even hold a 0,33l can:


Snugpak manifactures no nonsense and looks for top quality in a good price range. Often they do things a little bit better or from another point of view, so we see some features that are not common amongst other waist bags. You can use this bag with PALS webbing, so you can mount it to any kind of MOLLE platforms you`ll have in your arsenal. With the additional straps`n`buckles combination, you can carry it as a suitcase, attach stuff to the outside (e.g. jackets), etc. – it`s so crazy versatile!



When all the compartments are full to capacity, the whole thing measures approx. 30x15x15 centimeters (12x6x6 inches); when empty, it weighs 400 grams (just under 1 pound).

The waist belt adjusts from about 32 to over 45 inches, so it should fit most people.
Although I usually wore it over the shoulder – bandoleer style.

Within a price range of two large Mc Donalds menues, it`s a true bargain. It never let me down (using mine for over 4 years now), stitching was very good with bomb proof zippers.

Perhaps this might be a good new gadget for you in 2013! 🙂 Have fun!


~ by geardoshit on January 4, 2013.

8 Responses to “Snugpak Response Pak”

  1. How do you like that camera?

    • Its not mine but I took several recordings while being into seawater – including submerging and recording under water. It`s so nice to have a working waterproof feature! Fotos and films are good and quality is equal to many small consumer cameras that are nice.

  2. ares armor makes a eod tool bag that is nice , compact and has a shitload of pockets in it and molle on the outside too . check it out .

    • I am a fan of ARES anyway! Perhaps I will get some new stuff (backpack, HPC, pouches) for my 2013 season 🙂
      But at the moment I am low on airsoft-cash 😎

  3. definetly check out the 2 eod bags and the small carry bag for spec ops that ares armor has before you buy this bag . seriously ! and , it comes in atacs fg , atacs au , and multicam as well as the standard single colors as well , reasonable too . i bought all 3 and use the hell out of em ! also part of my bugout kit as well . before you buy the snugpak bag . enjoy !

    • Yep! But you`ll have to consider that this bag is a pretty cheap one (I bought mine for around $15,00 new!!!) and cannot be compared to highend stuff that costs a multiple! It`s like comparing a TATO NANO car with a brand-new BMW M-series sportcar… 😉

      • i prefer to buy gear thats gonna last . thats why i responded . i use my gear . not for airsoft . and it has to work and last . ive used ares stuff , eberlestock , mystery ranch , london bridge , etc . and still do . it lasts , you pay for it , but it will cut the mustard . like warbonnet hammocks too , they hold up well too . with a wiggy slpg bag and a cheap mil foam pad your good to go in -40 temps , or 110f and can set camp in 10 min . and very quiet and discretely . ANYWHERE on land . fully operational . ive used my gear all over inlcuding montana to florida , louisiana , west texas , . basically all over .

  4. like the snugpak. wish it came in atacs fg !

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