The Story Of A Helmet In The Making

I am back from the dead! 🙂

Recently I got a few questions about my latest Pararescue helmet, so I decided to do a post about this helmet in the making. I found several interesting photographs on my HDs and took some extra pictures for a better understanding. Enjoy!

Background: I finished a two-part Pararescue impression last year ago, but I wanted to do push these loadouts a bit further. I checked many, many pictures from this time period (2005-2008) and came to the conclusion that another (not so ordinary) helmet(-mount) would be cool to have. After some more research, this version was my example to go for:

(click to enlarge)
Banana Mount A photo ANVISBanana7.jpg   Banana Mount C photo ANVISBanana4.jpg   Banana Mount B photo ANVISBanana1.jpg

So what did I need? A MICH 2000 helmet, little add-ons like velcro, paint, etc. and an ANVIS-9 Banana Mount/ Ski Boot Mount. I had all this stuff lying around, so I wanted to start immediately.
After gathering everything together, I recognized that one very important part was missing: the special mounting kit for installing the Banana Mount to the helmet! F*ck!
I checked the internet and it seemed that it was a real pain in the a$$ to get this easily.
After ten annoying weeks, I finally got my hands on a complete kit (paying a reasonable price of US$45,00 + shipping) and was able to get things going!

 photo PJHelmetC5_zps4031a3cc.jpg

The (missing) mounting kit:

 photo PJHelmetC9_zps7d3163e7.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC8_zpsdcf78d3d.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC6_zps04f2bfd1.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC7_zpsbe9e3541.jpg

The kit came with a very good and easy to understand leaflet:

(click to enlarge)
 photo PJHelmetC13_zps376b35d2.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC16_zps8763a2e3.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC17_zps95e0b53c.jpg

Let`s see the Banana Mount for reference:

 photo PJHelmetC3_zpsacb9122f.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC2_zpsc25fd74e.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC1_zps59bf0852.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC4_zps43e04245.jpg

After more research and close analysis of several high-res pics, it was the time to attach the brackets to the helmet: drilling time!

 photo PJHelmetC15_zpsd307e15b.jpg

It took very precise measurements (I triple-checked everything and sometimes even more – there is not much room for failure here!) and so I got started chicken-hearted:

 photo PJHelmetC14_zps7c10cc98.jpg

With the brackets installed:

 photo PJHelmetC18_zps3b4bfbb5.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC19_zps480355cd.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC22_zps8d99a307.jpg

Helmet with finished mount:

 photo PJHelmetC21_zpsa21d9f12.jpg

After having attached some velcro, I drove around the corner and a found a nice place to do a paintjob under the clear, blue sky:

 photo PJHelmetC20_zpsfbf10fb4.jpg

With some stripes, dots`n`spots on top, it looked like this (before applying several layers of “dust” and adding some signs of (artificial) wearing):

 photo PJHelmetC25_zpsf14fa4f5.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC24_zps07d75821.jpg

At the end:

 photo PJHelmetC23_zps2e7e5608.jpg

I am very satisfied with the result and looking forward to see this helmet as a part of my Pararescue impression.


For those who are interested in the differences of the ANVIS versions, check out these pictures:

(click to enlarge)
 photo PJHelmetC10_zps2f181ccb.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC11_zps971579b7.jpg

 photo PJHelmetC12_zpsd5f83889.jpg

Cee-Yaaaa! 🙂


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  1. That doesn’t affect ballistic properties to drill it yourself like that?

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