Some Random Gear Thoughts In The Morning

As you have seen in my recent posts (which are not there…), I have been busy working, moving and doing all kinds of other (annoying) stuff.
While not 100% enjoying my freedom of blogging, the internet (in general) and time for gear`n`airsoft stuff, I was excited catching up all the missed blogs, sites, forums, boards, posts and updated webshops. (Perhaps you`ll already experienced the joy getting back to Ebay while being away for 10+ more days, so everything is newly listed – a true hunter`s dream! 😎 )

So I checked all my fav boards`n`sites and what did I see? Totally boredom. I don`t now what up with people but the world of mil`n`airsoft offers more then a bunch of modern Seals, M4 & G36 rifles and some overdone impressions like 101st WWII Airborne ones. Besides so many conflicts over the last 80 years (which are of interest in the field of airsofting), almost nobody seems interested in exotic topics (and if there are, why don`t they post their stuff?). Ok, I do mostly ordinary stuff myself, but the 1000000x Multicam impression is not going to be any cooler if the plate carrier was exchanged from an Eagle to a Crye one.
Today it seems so boring as it never was regarding military gear, uniqueness and their recognition value. Everybody goes Multicam these days and it`s often hard to distinguish nationalities and units in the first place. I don`t give a fuck about tiny differences in the MC camo sceme (e.g. British MTP) – at the end it looks all the same. And if units don`t use the AR platform, they stick mostly to G36 or AKs. Add some MICHs and OPs Core helmets to it, some Comtacs/Peltors, some Multicam (Crye!) or khaki gear and you are 80% ready to reenact almost anything (cool) these days.

Where are the different camo patterns, guns and unique equipment parts like back in the days? Thinking about WWII impressions for example: it`s a real joy to explore loadouts and weaponry – these are so different and easy to tell apart (and a pleasure to collect!).

Everything seems all about making money these days (dear industry people: we don`t need a special pouch for every tiny little bit of gear!!!) and many things can`t be invented again. I don`t understand the rush for getting a better and better camo pattern – it`s obvious that some clever people only wanna sell their “innovative ideas” to earn a bunch of big money. A plate carrier will stay a plate carrier and a chest rig a chest rig. It doesn`t matter if it weighs a few grams less then previous design (which was perhaps a bit too heavy from the start?) or has an extra pair of buckles at the back. What`s the difference to me if I`ll wear a HPC from Paraclete, LBT, or High Ground Gear? At the end of the day it will be almost no difference, tiny ones but no important ones (from my point of view as an airsofter, consumer and collector, with almost 10 years of hardcore buying, trying and airsofting). If people become totally excited about a new plate carrier – for me this is often a sign that they haven`t had many in the past.

One interesting thing to see is that many airsoft companies are about to leave “oldskool grounds” and try to invent new and exiting gearbox designs. Systema and some others did a great job in the past and some of their ideas will see the light of day in cheap(er) consumer products in the future. That`s the only thing that kicks me (at the moment) and I will be happy to fiddle less with tiny springs and cables in coming years…

These were some random gear-thoughts on a sunny saturday morning.
I`ll head for the mountains (bicycle mayhem…) now.
Have good one! πŸ™‚

 photo YEP.jpg

P.S. If LONE SURVIVOR will hit movie theaters/ the BluRay market, will we see all this overdone mid 2000s Seal impressions, again? I hope not and I think you`d better not sell your Eagle RRVs, etc., before the flicks hit the streets… πŸ˜‰


~ by geardoshit on March 16, 2013.

3 Responses to “Some Random Gear Thoughts In The Morning”

  1. agreed, everyone is so special these days – Seals, Sof… Here in Lithuania we have one Seal team, that plays in old school gear. Yet diversity of teams is quite good – we have russian special forces, russian grunts, USMC, british royals, Lithuanian SF, Lithuanian Recon, Lithuan artilery… and my team does PMC.

    But try entering AIRSOFT in google youll get shitload of Seals… sometimes rangers.

  2. I think it`s all about the age of the average airsoft player. They are inspired by recent video games, movies and TV series (Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Zero Dark Thirty, Over There, etc.) and are bound to “the latest is the greatest” in almost every aspect of live (apps, music, fashion).

    On the other hand, I don`t understand if they are going to do impressions that are done so often and discussed thousands of times why people are not willing to spend some time and money to do proper pictures with correct gear? They are cool with their middlingness… (a shame)

    • Well, airsoft is expensive. If you try buing big part of legit gear then youll need a fortune. And such money can be spent only by older airsofters, who is over 30 now. And kids, you mentioned, cant afford that.

      We used to do impression on USMC before it was cool πŸ™‚ I rememeber when woodland marpat first time apiered on the field – copy i mean. Cose original wan was so hard to get, an dit was so expensive. We bought the very first batch of marpat copy gear from And after first game, aftes first wash it turned white πŸ˜€ All pattern bacame so dim…

      Sorry for my english

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