Something I Played Back In The Days…

I found my old Atari ST disc and put it in a picture frame.

DM Disc photo DungeonMasterDisc.jpg

One of the best games back in the days (1986)!
Besides Doom I, COD4 and Skyrim, DM had the biggest impact on my 3D gaming/video ego-shooting experience! I spent so much time exploring all this carefully created bits`n`pieces, I drew maps and almost saw monsters, traps and potions in my dreams! What a rush… 😎


~ by geardoshit on April 10, 2013.

One Response to “Something I Played Back In The Days…”

  1. Sorry , I’m old school . I can take or leave games . What some would term as survival training is just something I grew up with in camping , hunting , fishing , rock climbing , etc . My idea of a great weekend is a 3 dater just doing what I do . Keepin the cooler stocked with food from the wilderness around me . Growing gardens . And learning all I could with the mentors I had as a kid .and I grew up working around ex nam vets and Korea & ww2 vets . So , for me a long camp out in nasty . Bad weather is a pie e of cake to me . While everyone else is miserable , I’m takin a nap or playing cards or something . To me someone that’s bored in the woods and can’t find something to do constructive and particularly in what may end up a WROL situation is a fuckin idiot with issues . I learned terminal accuracy with numerous firearms and bows and hatchets and axes early . So for me now its simple second nature . But at 52 if I cannot teach these skills and give back , then I have failed in life . I have spent my life learning to do what I am good at thru failure and trial and error . And, I don’t talk any shit or brag about it I just do it .i must return it to those who have not had the opportunity to learn yet . I feel it is a debt and responsibility I must pay to those that need it . Good luck , and may you learn and come out well in all that you do . ……..sincerely Merlin 52

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