DIY: Pimpin` My Crappy Plastic PEQ Box

It`s getting hot here (around 23 degrees!) and I will start softin` in a few weeks. There is always a handful of work to do when it comes to preperations, so I checked my guns, batteries, to do lists, etc.

One of my favourite new impressions will be an USMC grunt, so I decided to go over all unfinished parts and mods, because the weather was fine and I was in the mood to get things rollin`! πŸ™‚

One of the things that had to be improved was my PEQ-16 box.

 photo PEQ16_6.jpg

I really like the box itself (which is a typical USMC item for me), but the cheap (plastic) shining look is kinda childish, so I decided to paint it a bit!

First I started to cover up the important parts, details that I like to remain unaltered (incl. removing the blue screw):

 photo PEQ16_5.jpg

I used some medical tape that offers protection and sticks, but can be removed easily (and the fragile paper stickers are 100% intact).

 photo PEQ16_4.jpg

Next, I used some khaki color can (Krylon was gone, used some Begadi TAN one) and applied some nice layer:

 photo PEQ16_8.jpg

With all the glare and ugliness gone, I removed the tape and started to use some oldskool techniques – washing, shading, highlighting, dusting etc. (check the web for miniature plastic scale modelling skills or similar…):

 photo PEQ16_7.jpg

 photo PEQ16_1.jpg

I also thought about adding scratches and marks of heavy usage, but I decided to leave it this way. Why? With my experiences in the past, I know that the box will look like shit (perhaps broken already?) after 2-3 games due to the very ruff terrain where I am playing… 😎

 photo PEQ16_2.jpg

Looking dusty, looking good, isn`t it? Seen in action, soon! πŸ™‚
(I already found two things that I will improve/pimp more before doing some impression pix… (a never ending story, hahahahahaa…)

USMC RK photo USMC-RK.jpg


~ by geardoshit on April 15, 2013.

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