1928 In 2013, Thompson Gangsta Grip Goes U.S. Army!

Everybody knows and loves this kind of famous Thompsons with their sexy front grips:

Gangsta Grip 1 photo GangstaGrip1.jpg

If we`ll think bout seeing this kind of weapons and grips in real life action, when does their usage end? Korean War? Vietnam War? In either case, every weapons system has its time and now in 2013. So let`s check this picture that is relatively new:

Did you spot the crazy dope awesomeness??? (click to enlarge)

Gangsta Grip 3 photo GangstaGrip3.jpg

Soldiers with 2nd Battalion, 23rd Infantry Regiment along with Afghan Border and Uniformed Police take a seated break while providing security during an Afghan Peace and Reconciliation Program shura May 02 in Takhteh Pol district, Kandahar province, A`stan.


~ by geardoshit on May 19, 2013.

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