Back from Italy

So fellow geardos, I am back from Italy, took some days off. It was relaxed, sunny and a very chilling vacation time, me and the boys had much fun (and too much drinks…) and nothing really happened besides sitting at the beach and having tons of premium seafood.

Now I am also glad to be back to get the blog rollin again! 🙂

But one little incident is worth telling! One day, we were sitting under our sunshades, totally super-chilled with snacks at our feet and drinks in our hands. It was 33 degrees and we were expecting nothing to happen in the next hours. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
Then suddenly a well known buzzing appeared, something that we all know, but weren`t able to get a clear idea what was coming near us. Fuck, we all heard this so often, this typical high pitched rattling, something military…
Around 80m above sea level and 100m from our position, two APACHE helicopters were slowly flying by! YEEEAAAAH! It was pretty funny seeing a group of old (almost asleep) men totally freaking out and jumping around! Hahahahaaha… Real Geardo fun at the beach! A shame I hadn`t any camera at hand…


~ by geardoshit on July 8, 2013.

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