Creating A Soviet VDV Impression From The 80ies (Afghanistan War) – Part I

At the moment I am fed up with modern gear.

With so many countries, armies and special units losing their own looks, because of this Multicam-Crye-OpsCore-M4-MOLLE-blablabla mania everywhere, it became so boring collecting up-to-date gear.

With my interest in the A`stan war during the last 7 years, I almost bought every piece of gear that I wanted to have/collect, use (in everyday life) or play airsoft with.

I still have so much modern gear lying around, looking to be caught on film or pixels, that I wanted to do something new, but I decided not to leave Afghanistan… 😎

I always felt sympathy for the Soviet soldiers in A`stan, looking forward knowing more about their missions, gear and loadouts. So it was time to get on the CCCP bandwagon!

I started reading books, war articles and posts on internet boards, digging for first hand information/interviews from real soldiers. I was looking for cool reference pictures, collecting material of all kinds (YouTube vids, etc.).

After some research time spent, I decided to start with a Soviet “VDV” paratrooper impression and did some more research. It became clearly that I would have to spend much more cash than originally planned. It`ll be cool to choose from a variety of suits (KZS camo suit/ Gorka Gen I./ Afghanka Suit, Mabuta, etc.) to match different weather conditions. On the other hand, how about two different blasters (AKS74 and SVD) and a bunch of add-ons (scopes, pouches, rigs…)? OMG! Another “great” possibility to throw money down the drain! 😎

Slowly, Geardo, slowly! Let`s start with the basics!

So I chilled, had some beer and started this CCCP thing…

First package arrived after two weeks:
 photo CCCP_Package1.jpg

Yeah!!! Check this funky Eastern packaging – I thought I was ordering some MIL stuff! 🙂
(But isn`t unpacking new gear not like an esoteric event for us all? Hahahaha…)

 photo CCCP_Package_2.jpg

Here we go! CCCP on the march! Enjoy my first Soviet gear in a quickly arranged still life:

(click to enlarge)
Let`s start... photo GeardoshitGoesCCCP.jpg

I am happy at the moment and I will go over the individual parts from this package in the next posts (and much more stuff is coming soon…)! Cee-Yaaaaa! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on October 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “Creating A Soviet VDV Impression From The 80ies (Afghanistan War) – Part I”

  1. maybe you should do a stint in the marines for a few hitches , get shot at with something besides plastic kiddy pellets , and get yer ass in the grass . mebbe eat a slug or two and possibly your fascination will cool down a bit . getting your ass handed to you a few times has a habit of doing that . its good therapy . i recommend you try it , whole heartedly ! that way you will get the chance to get rid of that me, me, me , self deal a lot of your generation seems to have going on . getting a chunk of your butt shot off tends to cure a good deal of that as well . it forces you to realize , the world does not revolve around you and the selfish bullshit in your genres life ! paintball my fuckin ass and airsoft , go man your motherfuckin ass up and go do some serious time in the mil ! otherwise dont send me goddamn bullshit like this !

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