Fun or Fail? German TV Moderator Wears Iron Cross

A wave of political correct outrage rolls through Germany, since Birgit Schrowange, a TV Moderator of Germany´s first privately owned TV Network RTL showed up in her broadcast “Extra” with an Iron Cross:

(click to enlarge)
TV Mod Fail photo TVmodFAIL.jpg

Germany goes mad and wild discussion are everywhere! Even newspapers, German Ministry of Defense (that wrote to Schrowange that the Iron Cross has a major meaning for the German Army as national symbol) and Representatives of the German Bundeswehr are giving statements and committed discussions are exploding.

Schrowange said, she couldn´t understand why there should be outrage. She said, she did not realize there was an Iron Cross and that she has more important things to do than taking care about that.

Hahahaha! Dear RTL, next time you should carefully check what your outfit designers will pick. I guess that her nacklace was chosen by some trainee (nice looking girly) that wasn`t aware of the conflict potential (and she sucked so much d*ck to get in that position)…

“Let`s take this awesome looking necklace with all this nice looking things on it!”


~ by geardoshit on November 10, 2013.

2 Responses to “Fun or Fail? German TV Moderator Wears Iron Cross”

  1. they missed the silver skull under that iron cross too ! lol ! shit , ive got an iron german war cross , my great grandma gave it to me . she was german . she can suck my dick anyday ! nice lookin fraulein !

  2. I saw this newsshow when it was broadcasted, just thought” What the fuck!” Then ignored it. But one of he topstorys was about protests of some dickheads against refugees.. That was a multiplier for sure.

    Reading News about xenophobia and wearing an iron cross just doesn’t feed right..

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