Vietcong/Chinese Chest Rig – Oldskool Is Trueskool

ChiCom 1 photo ChiCom_1.jpg

For my upcoming CCCP A`Stan impressions I had to buy an oldskool-ish Chinese/ Vietcong chest rig once again. I already had a beautiful one back in the days but I sold it. These are the things that you will need sometimes and shouldn`t be sold: OIF impressions, opposing forces, rebels, lightweight loadouts, etc.

ChiCom 2 photo ChiCom_3.jpg

It was fun to use and a dream to play with because I am used to play with a bunch of gear regularly. I was missing my medic/general purpose pouches, so I used a backpack to compensate that missing space. Everything worked fine, mag changes are no problem and carrying two M4 mags per pouch is OK. I recommend using 5.56 mags with some kind of pulling mod/device, because if you are in a hurry you could get in trouble if pouches are too tight or the mags are too deep in their compartments.

ChiCom 2 photo ChiCom_2.jpg

In any case this kind of chest rigs are cult and are steal pricewise. They are available on EBAY en masses and come in different colors and configurations.
I can`t wait to use it with my (incoming) AKMS…


~ by geardoshit on November 28, 2013.

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