My HK416 Is Back Again (Part Two): Redi-Mag Mod

Back in 2004 I started playing Airsoft, so I have almost another 10 years of shooting small “projectiles” on my back (I played Paintball between 1989-1999).
With this amount of time as an active BB shooter I played a couple of guns and systems (e.g. Tanaka K98, TM G36, TM Sig552, TM M1A1, VFC HK416, JG M4, TM M4, Shoei MP44, TM M14, DBoys AK74, ICS L85A2, etc.) and experienced often the same problem: limited battery space. Especially with the AR15 AEG platform, it`s sometimes still a pain in the a$$ to get the batteries in a proper compartment/place. My favourite solution to this problem were crane stocks and a VFC PEQ box that I used for years.

 photo PEQIIBOX.jpg

A few month back I was fed up with all this PEQ boxes and batteries in it. Too much cables, broken boxes, dying batteries: something different has to be done, something new and fresh, something I never did before. In no time I was thinking about building a nice and tidy Redi-Mag solution and at the end of the day I ordered G&P`s version from EHobbyAsia.

 photo gp047_copy1.jpg

After 2 weeks the G&P set arrived at my door and I was happy to start converting my HK416 with this dope add-on. I got my tools ready to rock`n roll! 🙂 (computer work is my day job, so I enjoy doing such conversion projects very much!)

 photo RMag2.jpg

I ordered some awesome Zippy batteries from Hobbyking some months ago. Using them in my project was part of the plan now.

 photo RMag6.jpg

It was Sunday, everything was at hand and I was in the mood starting my project.

 photo RMag3.jpg

First I drilled some gap in the lower receiver. The lower was beaten up already, so I didn`t care very much about it. The gap was only large enough to get the wires from the inner gun to the Redi-Mag box.

 photo RMag10.jpg

 photo RMag11.jpg

The Redi-Mag box has a small hole on the inside to get the wires through:

 photo RMag9.jpg

Finally the lower receiver magwell was completely cable free – no more front wiring around the HU unit, etc.

 photo RMag7.jpg

Now the cables are only inside the Redi-Mag:

 photo RMag8.jpg

When VFC released their HK416 back in the days, I bought one of the first batches delivered to my country. I was blown away by performance and used materials, but after a few games the gearbox broke and more problems occured. My 416 became my most reworked, pimped, altered and customized gun of all times. I rewired the gun so many times that the cables were far too long for a Redi-Mag now!  So I cut them down and soldered some new Deans to it:

 photo RMag4.jpg

 photo RMag1.jpg

Finally looking good – perfect cable length! 🙂

 photo RMag16.jpg

The Zippy batteries are a perfect match for empty AR mags – check the picture:

 photo RMag5.jpg

And the project was coming to an end:

 photo RMag14.jpg

It was very interesting that the G&P Ready Mag measurements were NOT fitting my VFC 416 without modifications! I had to sand down some metal and also had to bend it here and there. At the end it was much, much more work than I ever expected and many times I was afraid to break my new acquisition! The material seems weak and I would not ever buy it again! If it is installed it`s proper nice and feels solid, but if I`ll have to bend it (to get it on and off) in such excessive way, it is only a matter of time till it breaks!
Sorry G&P – this sucks! 😦

On the other hand, Gee`n`Pee`s Redi-Mag clone still works fine and does the job. The mag holding the battery stays in place (I added some stripes of tape to have a fixed sit) and the ejection mechanism works fine, too. I like the solution to my PEQ box/crane stock battery “problem” and it looks the part. Besides the annoying installation problem, everything works great and I am happy with it now!

 photo RMag12.jpg

Originally I planned to use the Redi-Mag system on a new rifle that I planned to buy: a PDW from VFC. I wanted to have another small backup weapon that has something AR-ish (what a freaky play of words, isn`t it? It`s Arian in German, hahahaha…) but much more compact and more exotic than an ordinary M4 Mk18 or similar (speaking of short/smaller M4s). In the meantime interests (& taste) has changed, so the PDW project is on hold…

 photo RMag15.jpg

Are you ready to do your own Redi-Mag mod now? C-Yaaaah! 😎

(click to enlarge)
 photo RMag18.jpg


~ by geardoshit on December 29, 2013.

8 Responses to “My HK416 Is Back Again (Part Two): Redi-Mag Mod”

  1. This is great! Thank you, really an helpful post for those who don’t have any skills in such things.

  2. Hi there! I’m Alex from Italy!
    My first G&G M4 had this ready mag solution like battery case solution! It worked well! But I prefered put the wires in the tube stock!
    However…great job mate!!
    Your blog it’s fantastic!!
    I’m your big supporter!! Well done!!
    Ciao!!! 🙂

  3. Nice craftsmanship and I like the creative approach, but I don’t understand why bother with a solution that allows for a 3s1p 1000mAh LiPo solution where you could easily fit a 3s2p 2000-2500mAh setup in any off-the-shelf cranestock? Or is it because 416 cranestocks are more limited in space than M4-style stocks?

    • I am so fuckin oldskool that I did own any LiPos so far! 😉 hahahah…
      I favour LiFePos but they tend to be even larger than a ordinary retro battery. But I will get me a handful of LiPos soon (because they are so cheap…)!
      Happy new gear 2014!

  4. Hi! First of all, congrats for your blog, really nice job!!!
    Could you tell me what kind of paint or marker you use to write the “12” in the PEQ box?
    Thank you

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