The Smell Of Awesomeness Or Old Gear Telling Tales

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I am into military gear and collecting all kinds of army stuff for a long time. I started with WW2 gear, because I got all my grandfather`s stuff that he never sold or got rid off… (uniforms, basic gear, etc.).

With my love for Paintball (long before the annoying political correctness anti-camo phase began) I was also drawn to modern (camo) gear.

As times went by, filled drawers (small ones!) became huge piles of gear and with my growing interest in Airsoft, pure gear-mayhem began to start!

So what is this post all about? I have spent my last years using/buying all kinds of modern up-to-date gear, especially US and UK military equipment. As you`ll already know, I am back to the oldskool – 70ies/80ies Soviet kit and I suddenly experienced something that I almost forgot: the smell of history!

For those of you that never experienced the stench of old army storage houses, the odor of used sweaty gear, the experience to use battered equipment (that saw real live action) do definitely miss something!

OK, often there is no proof that your “new” stinky find is something really cool, a piece that was used by a Hollywood-ish superhero. But in the end there is something about it, something exciting, something “real”. I remember unpacking so many brand-new plate carriers and pouches that got me excited, but in comparison to some old purchases I was almost fallen asleep. I think I do repeat myself here, but I experienced the same again with my latest buy from Russia: an old headset!

 photo P126c.jpg

 photo P126d.jpg

 photo P126f.jpg

 photo P126g.jpg

(click to enlarge)
 photo P126e.jpg

It has been in storage since 1968! And with my own hands I made it see daylight again! πŸ™‚
After some cleaning and refreshing it came out like this:

 photo P126h.jpg

Pretty nice, isn`t it?

Ok, this time it was not an used item but an old one. It was amazing knowing that is was sealed over 35 years ago. The overall smell was kinda musty but with a thrilling flavor! πŸ˜‰

And now it is time to get this thing working with my regular PMR radios!

Have a nice weekend! πŸ™‚

P.S. Do yourself some good and buy an old, smelly army kit this weekend! You can never compare your CRYE plate carrier with a combat worn US flak jacket from NAM or a British Commando webbing from the 40ies. Buy some old shit – you won`t regret it! 😎

P.S.S. Yeah, it is all about imagination! Hihihi…


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One Response to “The Smell Of Awesomeness Or Old Gear Telling Tales”

  1. Almost esoteric vibrations in here, love it πŸ˜€ Keep up the good shit!

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