Trigger Happy Arms P90 Custom Project – FAT!

Looking at the games industry today, it seems everything is about sequels. Successful series like COD and BF are getting better and better (looking) and with each new edition, more exotic weapons and modding possibilities are available.

For me this is the exact opposite from the Airsoft world. Almost each brand offers a stupid bunch of M4s and besides some classics must haves (MP5, M700, AK, G36, etc.) exotic or even older stuff is or became quite rare. Why does nobody play with P90, UZIs or Augs anymore? Why does everybody favor M4s on Airsoft fields but does enjoy playing exotic stuff online?

OK, some online playable guns are not available in the BB-world and many players want to do correct impressions and so have to use the AR platform.

And there is a big difference in online and real gaming. While many online-geeks play only the best/better guns to outperform others, the difference between airsoft guns is minimal or always varying/changing (physics, upgrading, modding, available parts, etc.).

In any case, I am often bored to death to see the 10000000000000x M4 with DD Ras, some added Magpul product (how about a fucking grip?) and some ACOG/EoTech on it. And at the end some ordinary paintjob? Sorry, soooooo boring (seen a trillion times)…


But there is always a bunch of people leaving the road of mainstream, trying new things, doing things a few levels better! Look at the guys from TRIGGER HAPPY for instance! They are a good example for better pictures about projects and impressions than 90% of (even creative) Airsofters around. At the end it comes to “it`s the man not the machine” and I am very happy to see these people stick to cool ideas and projects out of the ordinary.


When was the last time you saw a nice P90? And if so, had it some painjob? I guess not…

Enjoy some Trigger Happy Arms P90 Custom Project now!

(click on all pictures to anlarge)
 photo 396225_292011700860440_727584107_n.jpg

 photo 420883_292011754193768_1956331988_n.jpg

 photo 416831_292012924193651_1278237890_n.jpg

 photo 426838_292011557527121_836382184_n.jpg

 photo 430985_292011590860451_653245514_n.jpg

 photo 404390_292011837527093_730928823_n.jpg

 photo 395876_292011797527097_1105860916_n.jpg

~ by geardoshit on January 26, 2014.

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