Recommended Websites, Blogs And Channels #6

What did you do when you were younger? Or perhaps you still do it or plan to play it again?

I am talking about miniature wargaming, tabletop warfare, painting tin soldiers, building scenery from scratch, collecting armies and playing some oldskool WWII wargames.

A lot of time has passed (did this 20 years ago) and many, many cool new systems, figures and games saw the light of day. I just surfed the internet for a few evenings, found crazy awesome stuff and came across this…

WARGAMING WITH SILVER WHISTLE – Afghanistan Tabletop Wargame

Check out his site! There are tons of great figures, amazing scenery + dope photographic skills to discover! (e.g. ZULU WAR, WILD WEST, NAPOLEONIC…) And I never saw anyone playing an Afghanistan tabletop warfare system – pretty fresh, isn`t it? (The British figures are not painted really good, but I dig the atmosphere!)

I am tempted to start building armies, again! πŸ™‚


P.S. Found much, much more cool stuff – what about U.S. Special Forces, USMC and more?

EMPRESS MINIATURES offering a fantastic line-up of modern figures ( incl, British, Taliban, Russians etc.!) Check them out and get your colours ready!

 photo us8.jpg


~ by geardoshit on February 20, 2014.

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