Another Gun Down – Broken Marui PX4 Slide Stop

 photo Px4_Broken.jpg

Short before another glorious Airsoft weekend, my WGC order with all kinds of pretty nice gear shizzle arrived perfectly in time. I happily installed a brand-new lanyard screw for my PX4, checked a new mag for it and while doing that – the slide stop broke! 😦 F * * K !!!

So I switched to my old Sig 226 and I was immediately looking for a replacement part. This turned out to be an absurd puzzle! It seems that many PX4 tuning and replacement parts are almost/long gone, because the launch of the PX4 was years ago. All slides stops were sold out, even the steel parts for almost US$70,00 by Detonator.

Finally I managed to find a shop in HK/China that sold the orignal TM parts pretty cheap (clearance sale: US$ 6,00 a piece!) and I decided to buy two pieces “in case”… πŸ˜€

 photo Px4_SlideStops.jpg

My advice: if it is Summer and pretty hot, don`t use Abbey Predator Ultra Gas as regular gas while playing with Marui Pistols or you`ll end up searching many hours for replacement parts! Happy GBB-shooting!


~ by geardoshit on November 12, 2014.

2 Responses to “Another Gun Down – Broken Marui PX4 Slide Stop”

  1. Hi

    How are you, i have same case that the slide lock of my tm px4 was broken.

    Looked around unfortunately difficult to find this part, can you please inform where you got those locks

    Many thanks for your kind answer


    • Hi+
      Sorry to hear that – so annoying!
      I`ll have to check my invoice that lies somewhere buried, but I will get back to you.
      You could check EAGLE 6 AIRSOFT in the UK – he has them in stock or can get them for you.

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