The Rise Of A New Dawn??? (IDF)

A few days ago, I was in the mood for checking all my gear regarding a possible IDF loadout and what parts are already in my inventory. It became very clear that 95% is missing and most stuff usable are AEG related parts.

I`d favor a Galil (best one with the wooden front part), but with the narrow time period of the IDF using this rifle, I had to set this idea beside (too oldskool-ish for me at the moment). On the other hand, I don`t like Tavors and my idea was to use some AR based weapon that was already here and ready to go: my beloved TM NextGen M4A1 (I know that a CAR-15 would be much cooler, but I don`t want to buy another AEG these days…)

So far, so good, next step. I exchanged the Marui RIS with my very old Classic Army covers which already had some Guarder Picatinny Rail installed. These parts came from my first AEG, dated back to 2004. They did not fit in the first place, so I had to slim them down…

 photo A_New_Dawn.jpg

Within minutes everything was rock solid and in place. 🙂

Perhaps you`ll know that the IDF is using ACOGs and so I was happy to have two sights at hand and happily installed the correct one. I looked at my NextGen and thought: “cool, looks like a fuckin` boring, basic US M4.” 😦 Within seconds it became very clear that ACOGs are not the way to go, because I`ve seen (and used) them too often and it is a typical US sight for me. If I`ll go the IDF route, it has to be more Israeli, a sight that reminds many people (in the know) of IDF: a Meprolight M21.

Next stop: Crane stock. Within the IDF forces I never saw a Crane stock in use. On the other hand, the Marui NextGen crane stock/battery system I do love and I never will change this. Many modders rewire their guns to the front, but I don`t give a shit. This is something I am willing to sacrifice in relation to an authentic look. Perhaps I will change my mind in the future… 😎

So what`s missing? Here`s a good example and short reminder:

 photo IDF_Carbine_Basic.jpg

If I`ll buy a set of these typical IDF rubber bands and some other small add-ons (e.g. perhaps remove the wrong Guarder rails and buy some correct FAB DEFENSE UPR 16/4 ones), I would be ready to go (besides the pricey M21 sight)! 🙂 Nice, isn`t it?

But I am still undecided yet. Perhaps I`ll have to check out the “tricky to get”-things first: a cool (used) vest, a proper (looking) communication system, a RS helmet, etc.

So stay tuned and perhaps we will see the rise of another IDF impression… 🙂

 photo IDF_ler.jpg


~ by geardoshit on January 16, 2015.

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