Real Sword SVD (Dragunov) AEG (Teaser)

Since REAL SWORDS initial SVD release many years ago, we have seen tons of written reviews, videos showing in-game footage and boring chrono tests. We read n00b-ish questions about tuning possibilities and saw conversions to up-to-date sniper versions with converted outer appearances.

With my (still) growing interest in Soviet/Russian gear and the haunting memory of John Woo`s movie THE KILLER (think about the sniper scene!) I had to spent some dime and placed an order a few days ago. Online tracking says “en route” and I am anxious to see the postman arriving! 🙂

The SVD is such an iconic eastern item (for me number #2 after the AK), so I had to add this to my arsenal. It`s perfect for creating OPFOR loadouts, but this is not limited to that. This sniper rifle has seen so many usage in its history, I am free to use it with almost any fraction using an AK.

And if I`ll feel the need to stick to my US roots… 😉

SVD Rooftop

Stay tuned, I`ll see you in a minute (I think my doorbell rang…)! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on March 28, 2015.

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