Real Sword SVD: Unpacking And First Impressions

Yesterday was a nice day, tracking showed my ordered SVD on its way, sun was shining and I had a nice cup of coffee on the balcony. I looked down the street, saw a yellow DHL van and a nice man with a large package arriving, YEAH! 🙂 (click all pictures to enlarge!)


As a real geek I prepared my kitchen table for an unpacking orgy, doing the typical mods to a new gun (changing battery connectors, etc.) and taking photographs.
What a fuckin` nerd I am, hahahaha!


SVD in da house! 🙂 What a big package! Did I order a MG 42 on a lafette tripod? 😉


With all the outer wrapping removed the Real Sword packaging showed itself within its glory:



I like the print, because it`s a bit retro looking. The M130 sticker indicates Real Sword`s M130 spring is installed (for Japan they offer a lower powered version).


Let`s get down to the nitty gritty and open up this box!


I dig the protective packaging, everything is done properly and goes well with the gun and its parts. I imagined the gun to be more oily (like I read in several older reviews) but the only obvious part was the magazine – check the oily wrapping (this is not camo!).



And then there is the manual, two stickers, chrono/inspection sheet, poster and other paperwork included with the AEG. Everything proper and the first time I ever checked the “written content” of a gun from beginning to end. It offers some useful info and also a bit historical background for the “uneducated”.


The complete content:


I was too cheap to buy myself a couple of spare mags, one must do at the moment. 😎


So what to say about Real Sword that has not been said a thousand times? Yes, it`s top of the Airsoft line, wonderfully done, a hell of a rock solid hammer! There is no crackle, no wobble, the fire selector is stiff and everything feels so more real steel compared to a cheaper brand AK. I always doubt reviews from people I don`t know and companies with a clever marketing department can sell shit for gold. But in this case I will believe that most/many parts are from the real steel factory and manufactured almost the same way as the original. The only thing I have to criticize is the finishing of the wood stock that could be better. There are a few spots were the protective, glossy coat has been rubbed off or something (me being a bit nit-picky now):


After fiddling around with the gun and checking out all its parts and handling (incl. “cool” posing in front of the mirror, inserting mag after mag, wearing the SVD with a sling and with different rigs), I decided to give it a small shooting test. I am glad to have a good possibility to try out my guns without being noticed by neighbors or bother someone. I did some range measurements a long time ago, because I was interested in the distance my typical targets are. My standard target is a tree right of an advertising column:


The SVD performed very well and Real Swords` hop-up dial is very good to work with. It was a bit tricky to judge the performance and precision, because there was some wind. The first impression is very good (6 out of 10 hits!) but I will post some after action reports as soon as the SVD saw some “real” action. Perhaps I will do a side-by-side comparison with my Marui NextGen M4 (which I consider very precise!) within the next days, but I will have to wait till there is absolutely no wind to get proper results.

For those who are interested in battery space and what I chose for solving this task:


There is plenty of space with my Li-Po twin type battery usually used in my LCT AS VAL. No problem at all and perhaps I will buy myself a larger Li-Po for this handguard. My older 9,6 stick type batteries will go in there too, but they are a pain to insert and there is much stress on the wires. (The black bands in the pics are just for keeping the battery in place without closing the wooden parts again. It`s a bit annoying if you will try out a bunch of batteries…)

Next step to do: exchanging the Tamiya plug to a Dean connector (like in all my guns).

Next week (today is Sunday), I will buy myself a nice can of hyper-fresh-ultra-pro-cool-premium-gun oil from my local specialist gun dealer. The metal surfaces look a bit dull and unprotected at the moment, so it will be fun to do and a 100% good thing to preserve this investment.


Can`t wait to get this beast fielded and give you a after-action report!
Stay tuned, comrades! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on March 29, 2015.

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