Real Sword SVD – Getting Ready For Action!

I made a to-do list getting my SVD ready for action:

1. Replacing Tamiya connectors with Dean connectors
2. Covering all outer metal parts with special oil
3. Installing my PSO-1 scope
4. Installing my favorite Soviet oldskool sling
5. Purchasing another Real Sword magazine (to have three mags for my first game)

Number one on my list was pretty basic and no problem, so we don`t have to talk about it any more.

Number two is worth posting a few comparison shots. There are a bunchload of metal care taking products out there and because of several very good reviews, I chose to try out BRUNOX oil. I wanted to buy their special gun oil but it was sold out at all stores next to my HQ. At the end, I just bought their TURBO SPRAY that should do the same (especially with an AEG and no real gun).


As far as my understanding goes, the metal parts should be covered with a layer of oil. After applying a nice, solid film, the oil dries and remains as a very thin coat. It is up to the user to do this in several runs, but I decided to perform only one. First, I tried this with one magazine to check out the procedure: (left: – fresh applied oil; right: new mag out of the box)


I waited some hours and was excited to get things going, so I went on with the SVD! 🙂

The following pictures show the oiled and already dried SVD on the left, the original, unaltered AEG on the right: (click to enlarge)



It`s pretty hard to tell from the pictures, isn`t it? Due to poor lighting conditions, it was very annoying taking comparison shots, but I hope you`ll get an idea. There is a definitive difference in appearance and feel and I am glad that I did it. Many of you like the ruff looks on AKs, a f#*ked up, battle worn appearance that let us think about fierce battles in history. Perhaps you guys would have used sandpaper instead of my conserving procedure, but I know that my SVD will get a worn look in no time.

Number three worked very well and I was quickly able to find the right place for my PSO-1 regarding eye relief and usage with goggles and/or a mask. It is a dream like the placement worked out smoothly and after some regulations (incl. removing the cheek piece which I don`t find useful – especially when wearing a protective mask) everything was perfect. I had worries about the eye relief being shitty as with an ACOG or small lensed scope, but a “Russian dream came true”! 🙂

Number four and five were the last and easiest parts and now I am ready to roll out!

(click to supersize)


~ by geardoshit on April 5, 2015.

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