Weathering / Aging / A Used Look For My AS VAL

A couple of months passed since I purchased my AS VAL by LCT and there are signs of usage already: a few scratches, a little bit of abrasion here and some dust and mud there. Today it`s raining and a public holiday, so I thought about cleaning and pimping my VAL:


Recently I stumbled across a M3 abrasive paper/sponge in one of my storage boxes:


After cleaning the gun and removing parts like the upper cover, front grip, etc. I tested the M3 thingy with circular movements and very light pressure (on unremarkable parts). After 10-15 seconds it was obvious that this procedure looks nice but need to be done with caution. This effect looks dope but can be overdone in no time!

Check following pics (left: original LCT condition / right: treated surface):
(click to enlarge)

VAL_Aging_8a VAL_Aging_8b

A direct comparison between the reworked front part next to the original body:
(b&w pic for better contrast)


Let`s compare more pics: (left: original LCT condition / right: treated surface):
(click to enlarge)

VAL_Aging_3a   VAL_Aging_3b

VAL_Aging_4a   VAL_Aging_4b

VAL_Aging_5a   VAL_Aging_5b

Very interesting that the M3 abrasive paper/sponge lost some tiny, tiny parts of its material and some kind of dust settled down on/in many parts of the reworked parts. I don`t want to see this kind of material in the inner parts (worst case: in the gearbox via the cylinder opening), so I cleaned the whole gun again… 😀

At the end, I coated the gun with some gun oil and it is drying at the moment. I am happy with the result and perhaps I`ll rework my LCT AKMS in the future, too! 🙂



~ by geardoshit on May 1, 2015.

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