Impression / Airsoft Loadout: Soviet VDV Sniper, 1988

Recently I managed to attend another rocking Airsoft game and a handful of photographs turned out to be rather nice. Let`s enjoy my first solid Soviet impression and another in-game loadout:

VDV “Sniper”, 345th PPD, on a recce mission near the boarder of Pakistan, Tere Zayi district of Khost province, Afghanistan, April 1988.


Regarding the incredible galore of crappy Soviet pictures from A`Stan, I decided to go the Photoshop route and twist all pictures in a certain oldskool-ruff-retro-style way. Most of the original pics show all kinds of dust and scratches, most of them are blurred, with bad lightning and many are much too small (from a Geardo`s perspective). I tried to give mine an oldskool look but without sacrificing too much detail. It is a thin line from too crisp/clear to very foggy and much too noisy/blurry. Enjoy! 😎



There are countless reference pics in black`n`white, so I chose to do one in “greyscale”, too! 🙂


Details: (click to supersize)


Spring-time in Austria is a good period to take A`stan styled pictures, because vegetation is often sparse and desert-like:


A detailed breakdown of my gear, reference pictures and thoughts about the stuff used will be subject in one of my upcoming posts. Stay tuned and have a good time, comrades! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on May 26, 2015.

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