Gems From Yesterday #1: Japanese Geeks & WW2 Fun

Over the last decade, I came across many interesting, funny and amazing websites, people`s blogs and projects that it a shame that I haven`t save more pics and knowledge from the past. Many good sources for rare info gets lost, tons of good pictures fade away into the unknown. Looking at my hard drives and the enormous data of photographs and screenshots stored, I`d like to resurrect some of this content, because some things are too good being not remembered. Enjoy!

Here are a few funny and interesting pictures showing a bunch of geeky Japanese that did a hell of a job in 2008.


Is there a hand lying on the ground? Hahahahahha…. 🙂


I don`t know if the tank is motorized or can shoot, but I guess so. Use your imagination!


Here is a Airsoft player who built a custom Lee-Enfield from a stock Marui VSR. He extended the foregrip and made the sights, magazine, and bayonet lug from scratch. Dope!


Nice, isn`t it? I think these projects were too awesome to be forgotten and should be seen again and again… 🙂


~ by geardoshit on June 4, 2015.

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