BVD Vest In The House – Teaser

After experiencing some health problems after an injury, I am back and looking forward getting into Airsoft and gear, again! 🙂

With my focus still being on Soviet A`stan gear, I got my hands on a cool BVD vest which was on my list for months.


If you a geek you`ll already know/see that this is a replica 😉 but I am very satisfied with the vest, atm. Original vests are very expensive and becoming more and more a pain to acquire, so I`ll stick with this one for now. I will try alter the appearance within the next months to make it look more “real steel”-ish, so it looks to part for all you hardcore nerds 😉 !


The vest offers plenty of pouches to store all the needed gear for any Airsoft-/Milsim event. I will do a complete loadout/vest kitlist breakdown to show you all my gear that I plan to carry to the next game, soon.

Stay tuned! 🙂

~ by geardoshit on December 19, 2015.

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