Vacation, Beers And Sand Between My Toes

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I am back from vacation in Italy. I spent quality time with some buddies and had time to get rid of annoying stress at work/at home. Anything related to gear and Militaria also went on pause, but a tiny bit of Geardo-ism popped up at the second day… πŸ™‚

We drunk a load of different beers and came across this one:


A first sight it is an ordinary beer, but when turning the can it became clear that is was an anniversary edition for the Italian Mountain Troopers!


A little bit of Military is everywhere! πŸ™‚ Have a good one, lads!



Russian Fun Airsoft Loadout (Sumrak, Smersh, AKMS)

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Today it is time for a new post showing my in-game airsoft loadout from last weekend. This was put together just for fun with no real impression in mind. I decided to go with a classic SSO Sumrak suit (with some added foliage/cloth strips) combined with a mid-2000 made Smersh rig and my AKMS + suppressor. (click all pictures to enlarge)

Taking a break:

On the hunt…

Some gun detail (reworked LCT`s surface):

Here you are…

This loadout reminds me a bit of Spetsnaz 45th Guards and other guys “in action”:

Temperature was around 28-30 degrees Celsius and the Sumrak was a good thing to have. It is light as a feather, very comfy (like a romper) and in combination with Smersh a dope solution staying lightweight.

We had teams of 25 players on each side and it was a great day. I was the only Russian styled player and with a Sumrak suit more like a outcast between all those “mainstream” Multicam/Marpat/Flecktarn guys. Hahahahaah! πŸ˜‰

For those who are interested in this camo and how it works in different lighting conditions – here comes the sun:


With sun shining and shadows from trees and bushes around, I think the Sumrak works very well. If I would add more selected cloth strips (better colors matching the background), I think it could work almost as a sniper`s ghillie.

My fav pic:

Can`t wait to go playing again! πŸ™‚

In Memory Of Anatoly Lebed

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Saturday I joined another Airsoft event and I/were happy to have some pics taken. This time I was not after an actual impression, more of a fun and casual loadout (it was around 28-30 degress Celsius!).

While browsing the camera`s content, a few shots reminded me of famous photographs showing Russian legend Anatoly Lebed in the field.

Original: (click to enlarge)

Me taking a break: (click to enlarge)


πŸ™‚ Coming Up next: Some “action shots” in the field!

Picture Of The Month: β€œTea For The Gentleman”

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Gems From Yesterday #1: Japanese Geeks & WW2 Fun

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Over the last decade, I came across many interesting, funny and amazing websites, people`s blogs and projects that it a shame that I haven`t save more pics and knowledge from the past. Many good sources for rare info gets lost, tons of good pictures fade away into the unknown. Looking at my hard drives and the enormous data of photographs and screenshots stored, I`d like to resurrect some of this content, because some things are too good being not remembered. Enjoy!

Here are a few funny and interesting pictures showing a bunch of geeky Japanese that did a hell of a job in 2008.


Is there a hand lying on the ground? Hahahahahha…. πŸ™‚


I don`t know if the tank is motorized or can shoot, but I guess so. Use your imagination!


Here is a Airsoft player who built a custom Lee-Enfield from a stock Marui VSR. He extended the foregrip and made the sights, magazine, and bayonet lug from scratch. Dope!


Nice, isn`t it? I think these projects were too awesome to be forgotten and should be seen again and again… πŸ™‚


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Today it`s all about art and creative minds. Let`s take a look at Michael Murphy, a smart, inspiring artist from New York, USA.

Check these two pics and you`ll get an idea what I am talking about:



For me a cool idea getting “pixel art” into real life. If you enjoyed this, you should visit his website for more awesome work.

P.S. Gun country (USA):

Advertisments I like #36

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Being a Geardo = being a geek = being a nerd = being a LARP-er??? πŸ˜‰

With more and more role playing elements being parts of Airsoft/Milsim games, I think this poster series still fits the Geardoshit page. Enjoy!