Picture Of The Month: β€œTea For The Gentleman”

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Gems From Yesterday #1: Japanese Geeks & WW2 Fun

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Over the last decade, I came across many interesting, funny and amazing websites, people`s blogs and projects that it a shame that I haven`t save more pics and knowledge from the past. Many good sources for rare info gets lost, tons of good pictures fade away into the unknown. Looking at my hard drives and the enormous data of photographs and screenshots stored, I`d like to resurrect some of this content, because some things are too good being not remembered. Enjoy!

Here are a few funny and interesting pictures showing a bunch of geeky Japanese that did a hell of a job in 2008.


Is there a hand lying on the ground? Hahahahahha…. πŸ™‚


I don`t know if the tank is motorized or can shoot, but I guess so. Use your imagination!


Here is a Airsoft player who built a custom Lee-Enfield from a stock Marui VSR. He extended the foregrip and made the sights, magazine, and bayonet lug from scratch. Dope!


Nice, isn`t it? I think these projects were too awesome to be forgotten and should be seen again and again… πŸ™‚


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Today it`s all about art and creative minds. Let`s take a look at Michael Murphy, a smart, inspiring artist from New York, USA.

Check these two pics and you`ll get an idea what I am talking about:



For me a cool idea getting “pixel art” into real life. If you enjoyed this, you should visit his website for more awesome work.

P.S. Gun country (USA):

Advertisments I like #36

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Being a Geardo = being a geek = being a nerd = being a LARP-er??? πŸ˜‰

With more and more role playing elements being parts of Airsoft/Milsim games, I think this poster series still fits the Geardoshit page. Enjoy!




Fun: VDV Sniper, Afghanistan, 1988 – Add On

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A small addition to my last post – Photoshop is big fun (sometimes)! Enjoy! πŸ™‚

(click to enlarge)

Impression / Airsoft Loadout: Soviet VDV Sniper, 1988

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Recently I managed to attend another rocking Airsoft game and a handful of photographs turned out to be rather nice. Let`s enjoy my first solid Soviet impression and another in-game loadout:

VDV “Sniper”, 345th PPD, on a recce mission near the boarder of Pakistan, Tere Zayi district of Khost province, Afghanistan, April 1988.


Regarding the incredible galore of crappy Soviet pictures from A`Stan, I decided to go the Photoshop route and twist all pictures in a certain oldskool-ruff-retro-style way. Most of the original pics show all kinds of dust and scratches, most of them are blurred, with bad lightning and many are much too small (from a Geardo`s perspective). I tried to give mine an oldskool look but without sacrificing too much detail. It is a thin line from too crisp/clear to very foggy and much too noisy/blurry. Enjoy! 😎


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RD-54 Backpack – Modifications (Soviet A`stan Gear #3)

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Referring to my last post regarding the RD-54, its background and fundamentals, let us continue our journey and take a look at some interesting modifications done to this iconic backpack.

With time passing by and soldiers using the RD-54 daily, many Soviets combatants felt the need to do modifications to their backpacks. In most cases the carrying capacity seemed to be insufficient or it`ll be more comfy to wear certain items attached to the RD-54 instead on the belt.

One of the first and most common mods was the removal of the magazine/grenade pouches of the front straps. These removed pouches were often used to create custom chest rigs from scratch (by combining several pouches from different RDs – this will be covered in another post in the future) or were attached to the RD (or other backpack) or just worn on the belt (seldom).

Let`s take a look at an interesting detail in the following picture: the guys using the end-straps from the RD-54 (pouches removed) to carry grenades in the “loop” that still can be found there: (click all pictures to enlarge)


One of the second most seen modification was the addition of more pouches to the side or rear. Unused RDs have been cut to pieces and their side pouches were attached to other RDs, making it a 5-cell RD-54 (one main compartment, four side ones). Besides this, AK magazine pouches (mostly 4-cell ones) were attached to the rear, straps, belts and canteen covers to the side or rear. Check these nice examples with some extra pouches attached to the rear:



Here we see mostly AK 4-cell magazine pouches on the back holding water canteens:




In summary, almost everything was possible and mods were totally up to the user. Check this awesome pic showing two! RD-54s sewn together and an extra mag pouch on one side (perhaps on the other side, too):


Perhaps also a “doubled” RD-54 (hard to tell from this crappy pic), but with 100% added canteen(s)+cover(s) on side(s):


A good example with an extra side pouch mounted to the rear and trouser belts forming frames for plastic flasks left and right:


At the end of this post, let`s take a look at my own modded RD-54 which I really like. The pack was filled with several Airsoft related items and some reenactment gear (BBs, loader, Gbb gas, snacks, Gorka jacket, plastik flasks, R-392 radio (here with folded antenna), flares and a plash palatka on top):

This took me around four hours of hard needle work but it was worth it! I am really happy with the result! πŸ™‚


So get up your lazy asses and go mod some RD-54s yourself! Enjoy da ride! πŸ˜€


RD-54 Backpack – Background and Details (Soviet A`stan Gear #2)

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With this post I`d like to continue my series about Soviet Afghanistan gear. Let`s talk about another very iconic Soviet piece of equipment: the famous RD-54 backpack! The pack is, as simple as it is, an amazing piece of kit and originally developed for the Parachute Landing Troops (VDV). (Click all following pictures to enlarge!)


Here is one of my three backpacks I own. This one is pretty used and shows a bunch of marks and repairs.



Main compartment approx. size: 27cm x 22cm x 10cm
Left/right compartments approx.: 27cm x 8cm x 10cm
Weight: 1,3kg

This jumpable paratrooper backpack was part of the special paratroopers`equipment and besides other storage cases and bags, a very important part of the combat kit in total. Let`s take a look at some instructional drawings from back in the day:


Here you`ll get an idea how the RD-54 is used in different situations: 1, 2 and 3 shows the backpack worn in ground operation (as patrol pack), while 4, 5 and 6 illustrates a jump/airborne layout. The main difference is a lowered position of the pack while jumping, so the soldier gets space wearing the D6 parachute and can securely transport his shovel (on back, upside down).

The shovel`s handle should be put in the compartment located on the right shoulder strap (see below #2 – left side: the rectangular shaped “box”). Other parts: #1 rucksack; #3 double AK magazine pouch; #4 double hand grenade pouch; #5 shovel cover for belt wear.

Many people (without researching the topic) don`t know what this little flap-style pouch was intended for, because it is completely useless if the RD-54 is worn in ground configuration. It sits very high, is a bit bended and upside down – nothing like a traditional kind of pouch and useless in any case. It only makes sense if the RD is worn in “low riding” style, because then you`ll have the chance to insert the handle.


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Soviet Plastic Flask / Water Canteen (Soviet A`stan Gear #1)

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When you are thinking about iconic Soviet gear what comes to mind? AKs, MIL MI-24s or telnyashkas? Yes, because we have seen it in RAMBO 3 πŸ˜‰ ! On the other hand, there are many small items that are definitely iconic and so I`d like to write about them, because they are part of my upcoming Afghan impressions.

While studying many, many pictures taken in the Afghanistan conflict, I encountered an unexpected huge amount of photographs showing not the typical Soviet/Russian aluminum canteen. There were these ugly looking white canteens, made out of noxious plastic (from today`s perspective) that popped up everywhere:


It seems that the oldskool-ish small canteen held not enough water that was needed in Afghanistan`s hot and harsh climate conditions, so soldiers often get an “upgrade” to these 1,5 liter bottles. Let`s take a look at some (more or less) well known pictures showing these flasks in use: (click to enlarge)







Seeing all these pictures (not only these – there are plenty more!), I had to get my hands on a bunch of these canteens. I consider this a must for every serious CCCP collector, so the postman finally rang twice and these little fellows showed up:


The picture clearly shows the differences between the flasks and their pouches. This is typical for different manufacturers and production dates and reminds me of old discussions about “the right coloration of khaki” regarding US WW2 uniforms. The left one is new (incl. its pouch), the other ones are used and their pouches pretty beaten (and shrunk to washing?).

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Picture Of The Month: β€œHoly Warriors”

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Back to the 80ies! πŸ™‚ Mujahideen in Herat, Afghanistan, 1980. (click to enlarge)