Backpack Meeting @ BBQ Season Opening 2016

•April 17, 2016 • 1 Comment

Yesterday we started our BBQ Season 2016 and it was a great day. It was a spontaneous meeting of all kinds of different people (graphic designers, musicians, teachers, DJs, promoters, moms and dads, etc.) and it was fun to see some tactical gear piled up in one corner…

(click to enlarge)

Most of the backpacks are not owned by Airsofters or in MIL-gear interested people, but I think my addiction spread… 😉 (BTW, it`s good to see people leaving the Eastpak way…)

A New Year…

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I wanted to post this 12 days ago, but I think it is still worth it.

New Year’s Eve 2015: I was working in Munich, Germany, near the main train station “Hauptbahnhof” where Police forces evacuated two railways stations and urged the public to stay away from large crowds, amid an imminent threat from IS terrorists. It was a bit uneasy, because the venue I`ve been was only 5 minutes away by foot…

Police said that forces from the whole of southern Bavaria had been brought into the city for the public’s safety after receiving intelligence that between five and seven suspected terrorists, including two suicide bombers, had been planning an attack.


Perhaps you have already seen this in the news and checked out the dope looking SWAT guys, but here is a headline from Munich`s newspaper Abendzeitung the next day:

(click to enlarge)


While walking by and reading the headline I was a bit amused, because the sarcastic title roughly translates “Terror alarm on New Year`s Eve – WHAT A GOOD START“.

Thinking about all Geardos and Airsoft players standing in front of the newspaper and checking out the picture, I think it is not a bad start at all! 😉

When was the last time I saw such cool looking German SF forces rockin the headlines? 😎


BVD Vest In The House – Teaser

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After experiencing some health problems after an injury, I am back and looking forward getting into Airsoft and gear, again! 🙂

With my focus still being on Soviet A`stan gear, I got my hands on a cool BVD vest which was on my list for months.


If you a geek you`ll already know/see that this is a replica 😉 but I am very satisfied with the vest, atm. Original vests are very expensive and becoming more and more a pain to acquire, so I`ll stick with this one for now. I will try alter the appearance within the next months to make it look more “real steel”-ish, so it looks to part for all you hardcore nerds 😉 !


The vest offers plenty of pouches to store all the needed gear for any Airsoft-/Milsim event. I will do a complete loadout/vest kitlist breakdown to show you all my gear that I plan to carry to the next game, soon.

Stay tuned! 🙂

Nine Eleven Anniversary

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Something “funny” for a sad anniversary…


Pic Of The Month: “Titten raus!”

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titten raus

Something A Little Bit Different!

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Not really a Geardoshit 1:1 scale Mil-Airsoft thingy – but “funny as hell”! 😉










Picture Of The Month: “Clowns”

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jesus christ