Another Airsoft Impression/ Loadout: “Operation Stone Rock” – U.S. SOF with ANA Commandos (A`Stan, 2010), Part 2 of 2

Finally part 2, showing my altered loadout (here is part 1) which i played with later that day. The temperatures rose, so i decided to go with a lighter and more airy setup. 🙂

(click to enlarge)

We also moved to another part of the gaming area, a more rocky (and cooler A`stan-ish looking) environment with less vegetation.


NYPD Ballcap,
Civvy Hiking T-Shirt,
Asolo Voyager XCR boots,
Hatch Kneepad,
Petzl Gloves,
Eagle Industries CIRAS,
Eagle Industries M4 Double Mag Pouch,
Eagle Industries M60 Ammo Pouch (as Multi Purpose Pouch),
Eagle Industries Triple M4 Shingle,
Eagle Industries Single 9mm Pistol Pouch,
Eagle Industries Medic Pouch,
Tactical Tailor MBITR Pouch,
Maxpedition Rollypoly,
Eagle Industries Yote,
LBT Riggers Belt,
215 Gear Lanyard,
PRC-152 mith MSA U94PTT and Sordin Dual Comms,
Oakley SI 2.0 M-Frames,
Suunto M-9,
ASP Tri-Folds,
ITT VIP Personal Strobe Light,
Omega Pacific carabiner,
Cyalume sticks, C.A.T., patches, magazines, smoke grenade and many more small stuff.

M4A1 with PEQ-15, Specter DR, Surefire Suppressor, Surefire M600 Scout Light, Grip Pod and EMDOM USA/MM Gunslinger Sling,
Beretta PX4.

And now have a good one and keep on rockin`! 🙂


~ by geardoshit on September 23, 2012.

3 Responses to “Another Airsoft Impression/ Loadout: “Operation Stone Rock” – U.S. SOF with ANA Commandos (A`Stan, 2010), Part 2 of 2”

  1. I always though, that the KAC Supressor was the standard-supressor for SOF (except the JSOC- and AFSOC-Units).

  2. You know you’re lucky to have such a sweet gaming area? Damn.

    And sweet setup!

    • I know and I am very happy about it. Sometimes it`s a bit too much vegetation (for me), resulting in most times sneaking around and (a bit) climbing. And very often CQB-ish firefights without any fast movements, because of the tricky terrain with rocky ground. It`s always paying attention were your next step will be or otherwise your ankle or similar gets hurt… (I also dropped from a larger rock about 2m in height: NO fun…)

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